One oversize mango 10 yen, Guinea and Mari were mango paradise

Hello, Bike around the worldTakuya SAITO @ Chalidermanis. I entered Guinea again from Sierra Leone last time. In Inland Guinea, we are aiming for Bamako, the capital of Mali, being caught by nearly 200 children, tenting in a rural village and bush camping. In Bamako, I stayed for a long time, including the acquisition of a visa for my new country.

In Guinea and Mali around this time, you can have a cheap and delicious mango anywhere. It was just a mango season. I tried summarizing the journey from such inland Guinea to the capital Bamako of Mari and attractive mango life. Can you eat mango in Japan?

West Africa Inland Inland Malamese Bamako is around here

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I ran with the second Guinea Faranah, Kissidougou, Kankan, Siguiri.

I entered Guinea again from Sierra Leone but the unpaved road will continue.

Cow-like people who sometimes get on a dirt road. Are they raised or stray? Either way it seems I live freely.

A cow standing in the middle of the road, if you go near, you will escape.

Then join the paved road. Asphalt that arrives after a long unpaved road. Civilization regression. What a pleasure this is.

I see an unusual anthill with an umbrella around here.

One of the scattered scattered grasslands is this anthill.

Loads are packed on the roof of an ordinary car seen in Guinea.

Although I could not do it in the photo, people cling to this packed baggage. It is an adventure everyday.

I do not see much in Japan, and this short banana is sweet and I like it.

I came to Tokouno's village. On this day as well, if you do not eat anything near sunset, you have to buy something. I am surprised to look back at all the shops lined up on both sides of the road and make a U-turn. Nearly 200 children are swirling and pressing closer. Such "anxiety" being "swallowed" also has no choice unless it returns. I was scrambled.

People who climb on a bicycle. It was truly amazing here. The bicycle is buried under the blue flag. Can you find it?

Push the bike and walk, hold the camera and transfer. Ok, so many people. "I will go, so please do not follow me." I strongly appealed and ran to run away.

After that, we had a tent set up in a small settlement.

A chair for sitting and a chef (probably the village head) who prepared water to wash my body. thank you for helping me.

Country landscape in Guinea.

Even though I only eat rice, children gather. I wanted to take the natural strange sight, but I will not make it.

"There is no choice, lined up there" will increase the number of children. It always becomes a group photo. Still, thank you.

Night comes to Bush.

I stretched out a tent and was doing homeless.

Bukkake rice continues as usual in Guinea. Mafukon like a torpedo kelp was a standard.

Meat Bukkake Rice.

Fish bukkake rice.

Mayonnaise and beans are alico.

Guinea's espresso.

And I found condensed coffee. Sweet, sweet and very sweet cafe au lait with condensed milk instead of milk and sugar.

A little more to the border with Mari.

I got a Guinea departing stamp and finally got caught by the police as soon as I was out of departure. Tell the policeman, "Guinea has many problems because there are so many problems", I will refuse to present the yellow card and check the baggage. Yellow card certifying immunization such as yellow fever may be necessary for traveling in Africa. However, it is meaningless to present it in departure from the country rather than entering the country. After all, I was fortunate to pass through without doing anything whether bribe was the purpose. ...... Without doing anything, is that okay? Unfortunately there seems to be bribery practices in Guinea's police and military personnel. I also encountered it several times.

During the entry from Guinea Bissau to Guinea, the soldiers' checks will block the way they go. I did not know what it was like to "5000 CFA" in an abrupt amount. Try to speak properly and try silence. The soldier explains how to pay, but it is more noisy than deciding not to pay. After a while, I received a simple baggage check and was innocent. It is really absurd. It is annoying. It is a waste of time. The locals who passed before me left some money.

I will also come across the way to Sierra Leone. I was caught by a questioner before reaching the town I was planning to stay. I was worried, but there was a request for unreasonable money as expected. The locals do not stop at all and will run through. There is no meaning of examination. A good wide lady policeman was able to laugh at having a big stick 4 meters and hitting a passing motorcycle. I stopped maturely and I am taken to my chest pocket with my passport. When preparing to set up a tent "I can not help it, I will go to bed here", I got my passport back and did not suffer anything. I still do not feel good.

There were no problems in neighboring Guinea-Bissau, Sierra Leone. It is a marvelous place that this Guinean police and soldier's bad habits are famous, but it is not listed in the Foreign Ministry's overseas safety information (Note: CurrentlyThe illegal money demand etc on the road inspection by the authority constitution were scatteredThere is a statement to the effect that). Is it also part of empathy as the same civil servant? Anyway, you have to be careful with the examination of Guinea.

Entry of Mali is smooth and refreshing.

It is a sightseeing spot with an unusual rock along the cliff near Sibi near Bamako.

At Sibi I stayed at a house like a clay wall and a town with local people.

There is one bed inside. It was too hot here to sleep. Even if the room warmed during the day keeps heat even at night, I can not sleep even with one pants. No longer a sauna. It might be good to stretch the tent because it is cool outside.

A roof that looked up from the inside.

And we will arrive in Bamako, the capital of Mali. In Bamako I became indebted to the house of the Japanese Overseas Cooperation Volunteers who had been in contact. Here we meet again with two Japanese chariders who broke up Dakar.

Arrived Mr. R one day later.

S arrived late one more day. It is a coincidence that arrival overlaps although it was not even fitting.

A dining table surrounded by four people.

In Bamako we included relaxation, work, chores and so on.

I had dinner together when there were members going up to the capital. Roll cabbage on this day.

I was invited to a birthday party for my son, who lives locally.

It's getting hot, so I will make it a shy. Since Morocco I had my hair cut, I got mowed at the digging barber shop at the roadside. 400 safer franc is about 70 yen.

An African hairstyle poster adorned in a digging barber.

Since I have consumed one page with visa by one country since I entered Africa, if I look into the future, the page is not enough. So, I went to the Japanese embassy to expand my passport. When applying for augmentation, the number of visa pages will increase by 40 pages. As I heard the story, the augmentation page was stuck with cellophane tape.

And in Bamako I was deliberate on getting a visa for the next country. There is no problem as Bamako had taken a path in Senegal's capital Dakar. Here in Bamako I got a visa to neighboring countries Burkina Faso, Ghana, and Nigeria. I have heard that it is difficult to acquire the Nigerian visa here easily. However, since Nigerian visa starts counting from the date of receipt, we have to leave Nigeria within 3 months, which is the period of visa. Because there is a distance from Bamako of Mari to Burkina Faso, Ghana, Togo, Benin, Nigeria and Cameroon, I can not bear to worry. I feel confident as I get a visa for a new country.

When going to the Nigerian Embassy in Bamako, you have to cross the Niger river. Visa taking in Bamako was running around by bicycle.

Upstream section of the Niger River in Guinea. The biggest river in West Africa The Niger river flows from Guinea as a source of water, through Mari, Niger and Nigeria to the Guinea Gulf.

It flows slowly through the center of Bamako.

There was a motorcycle lane next to the motorway on the bridge crossing the Niger river.

The Niger River flowing slowly and relaxingly.

A tremendously large river width.

Crops are made on the river side.

I will introduce Bamako a little.

Intersection of hippopotamus.

Intersection of elephants.

The bridge over the river Niger was also like that, but a bike lane is provided on the new road in the city. In Bamako city, I saw many bikes.

A sidewalk of a new road. There is a garbage can, but garbage is scattered. The bottom of the trash can also be missing. Even though it is a beautiful place I can not do it.

Brook flowing through the city of Bamako. It is regrettable that the environment is bad though it is well maintained.

Crowds in the center of Bamako city.

I caught a girl who greeted while blushing.

A boy who holds his breath so that he can not find a friend. It is too cute.

Well-known table football.

In Bamako you buy something once a day. Coke, cookie, mini snack, sweet bag yogurt, and mango.

Yes, in Guinea and Mali every day mango.

Morning mango, daytime mango, night mango. Even if I say "I'm getting tired of mango," I will definitely buy it when I see it. And, after all it is tasty. The mango harvest was knocked down with a long long wooden stick and someone was climbing up the tree. When I was traveling, I was in the mango season just so I was able to see it anywhere. Local people are also caught. The grace of the land of Africa.

By the seaside in Guinea. Such a big mango is 1000 Guinea franc (about 12 yen)

On the inland of Guinea. A piece of 5.6 pieces is 1000 Guinea franc (about 12 yen)

This is near the central market of Bamako.

This is close to the street where I was indebted to Bamako on the street.

This mango is normal size.

And oversized mango.

Red mango and ordinary mango. There are also several kinds of mangoes, and you can enjoy different tastes.

It is okay to smash a circle while sticking around your hands and mouth,

If you have a neat environment, you should cut it before you eat it. Anyway it is delicious. When you eat a bite, sweetness spreads throughout your mouth with juice overflowing from melting fruit. tropical.

I do not know how much it will cost in Japan, but in Africa it costs 10 yen, 20 yen in the world. In Africa you can eat cheap and delicious mangoes. That being so it may not stop the trip. It was a happy mango life.

From the capital city of Mali, Bamako aims at Ghana on the Guinea bay via Burkina Faso.

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