Togo, Benin, Nigeria and smiling face of charm countries and people on the Gulf of Guinea

Hello,Around the World Bicycle WorldIt is Takuya Sudo @ Chaliderman. After I left Ghana, I ran the countries of Togo, Benin, Nigeria and the Gulf of Guinea. The capital city of Togo, the capital city of Togo in 1 minute walk, Cotonou, the capital of Benin, where the road is flooded in the rainy season and must cross the stone. And the gentle people of Africa's biggest population great country Nigeria. There was a problem of bicycle and it was serious, but in Benin and Nigeria I saw people's wonderful smile and felt strongly that "traveling is fun after all". I summarized my trip from Togo to Nigeria.

Benin in the Gulf of Guinea is around here

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As soon as I leave Ghana, I will enter Togo 's capital city Lome. Togo is the former French territory. When I entered Togo, I changed from Ghana 's English to French. I can not speak much, but I am excited about French after a long absence. In the city I see a sandwich using French bread. And it was time for Shasta to feel that I came back to French speaking area more than anything. I went to the supermarket for lunch and it was closed.

The capital city of Togo has a nice beach. It is just a 1 minute walk from the city to the beach. By the sea, we will continue with 2 beautiful lanes on one side, palm trees, sand beach, coast.

This coast has spread all the way.

Let's sit down on the sandy beach and relax and watch the ocean. The local people are getting well at the sandy beach. Families are coming to the picnic and the couple is flirting.

I burst out laugh at the picture of this note. Regardless of the toilet, women who put on things on their heads and do business are forbidden!

It is a sign of 50 km to the neighboring Benin border in Lome City. It takes less than a day to cross an elongated Togo in the north and south.

Even if I left Lome, I could see such a beautiful sea.

Fortunately Togo also had a fan ice cream of Ghana. And also to neighboring country Benin. It was a lineup not in Ghana. Fan cocktail is a fruit sorbet.

Normal yogurt which was not in Ghana.

Fanle is a milk sorbet.

Fan extra is also yoghurt taste, but various nutrients such as vitamins and minerals are added.

Then I will enter Benin. Benin is also an old French colony, still slender north to south. I found a settlement floating on the water.

I enter Cotonou, the de facto capital of the biggest city of Benin.

The main street of Cotonou.

The crap object I found in Cotonou city.

It was in the rainy season from around Ghana, but it did not rain there. But in Benin it will have rainy days. The road in Cotonou city was also flooded.

A large puddle has appeared on the road.

Once, it seems that drainage is done.

Benin cooking acarisa. Pour the sauce over the paste like corn pudding.

Juice entered into the gourd sold in town. I tried it out, but it may be slightly dangerous hygienically.

There was a problem with the bicycle. I exchanged it in Spain, and the hole was empty in the tire that ran far. It is not important to wear a plastic tape that prevents puncture between the tire and the tube, but normally it will come out like a rice cake from here and rupture.

The state of the hole seen from the back side. The fiber is burning and it is unlikely to be in any case. I decided to exchange it with a spare tire I was carrying.

The replacement work did not go well. After running for a while after the next day, a big plosive sound broke and the tube ruptured. I can't move. That did not fit, I made scratches on the side of a new tire just replaced. If you do not deal with this, the tube will rupture as a rice cake. For the time being, I ran to the side of the cut tire I had for such a time.

I sewed the side of the tire that was breaking when I calmed down using shoes threads. Place a plastic tape to prevent puncture further from the back. It is such an unreliable procedure, but for now I can run without problems. I am always worried and unavoidable. Even so, it is not attached to any troubles that will destroy new tires in Africa where this supply is ineffective. For the sake of emergency, we are carrying a Chinese made tire.

Leave Cotonou and aim for the border to Nigeria. There was also a route to enter Lagos of Nigeria 's first economic city by proceeding along the coast but this time I saw it off. Lagos' metropolitan population exceeded 10 million people because there was concern about security due to heavy traffic congestion. I will enter Nigeria from the town of Benin's keto which proceeded about 100 km north.

Children of Keto seem to be interested in unfamiliar visitors.

I took a picture. Unusual girls are with us.

In Benin foreigners are called Yobo. It is the same meaning as gaijin in Japanese. Such a yobo has a song, and children are singing well when running on a bicycle. ♪ Yobo Yoyo - Bonsoir, Sabbien, Mercii. Yobo yobo ~ Bonsoir, Sababien, Mercii. It's cute. And I arrived at the border to Nigeria.

Stopped, local men gather.

Children who have a dazzling smile.

Together with the people of Benin.

I bought ice cream and used up West African Franc which is the currency of Benin. From Senegal, it was the same currency as Guinea Bissau, Mali, Burkina Faso, Togo. I have been using it all the time, both in this currency and farewell here.

Then I will enter Nigeria. Nigeria is a major African country with a population of over 150 million people. It is not so if you enter with an image that is overflowing with people. Green is spreading between the city and the city. Nigeria with about 2.4 times the country of Japan is big.

The origin of the country name of Nigeria (Nigeria) will be the Niger River flowing through the country.

Initially I was puzzled when I entered Nigeria. The streets are old and scared.

The rusted tin roof is also dark.

The village is spreading in the green.

A rural church that was taken shelter from the rain.

I am taking a break in a rural village. Road by side is athletic and unreasonable.

Somehow the garbage is overflowing.

However, I have no choice but to run. I was running on such a road.

I passed through a lot of greens.

I passed through lots of streets.

Everyone's gazing at us.

And I met many people. I first met a Nigerian in Benin. They say that they went to Ghana on business.

When entering Nigeria, children are taking a shower.

Two boys.

Together with the aunt of the cafeteria. "I do not like pictures, I'm going to put them on the internet," he said, rumored to be with each other and laughed. I'm sorry, I am using that exactly.

Surrounded by children.

"Oh, that, Nigeria is fun!"

Nigeria's journey became pleasant to the kindness of people who can not imagine from dangerous and dangerous images. People with a very pure heart are here. Next I would like to tell the charm of Nigeria to its fullest. Because it is a big big country, I have been running a lot of bicycles.

(Sentence / picture: Takuya SAITO @ Charriderman
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