Reason why the Chinese are misunderstood in Mozambique "Kung-fu movie", even surely Japanese even misunderstand

Hello, Bike around the worldTakuya SAITO @ Chalidermanis. From MalawiMozambiqueI ran. Among Africa, the history that Mozambique carried on the "Portuguese sphere" and "the former socialist state" was a terrible thing. It was a poor country, but I still can expect it. And the loose atmosphere of Mozambique became a summary of Africa. I saw an interesting sight at Mozambique. Although it was a considerable shock as myself ... ....

Tete where Mozambique inland, the Zambezi River flowing around here.

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We exchanged US $ 40 on the border to the Mozambique currency's currency. That 's why you got the 1000 Banknote notes ...... If it is 500 Metric it will only be 2 copies. Actually it was mixed with small bills so that it was easy to use, but I was worried even though the number was still small. Even though the wallet was turned into a bamboo when it was Malawi. Since entering eastern Africa, the maximum amount of paper money has not reached 1000 yen. However, Mozambique's highest amount of 500 bills was about 1,500 yen, it was the appearance of a strong banknote after a long absence.

Banknote in Mozambique.

2 Behind the metallic coincoelacanth.

I entered Mozambique from the border of Dedza in the south of Malawi 's capital Lilongwe (Lilongwe). It will be the part that protrudes west of northern Mozambique that is elongated in the north and south. The scenery where scattered rocky mountains dotted with lush greenery seemed to be an ancient world, and it seemed like a dinosaur would come out. The big city where the Zambezi River flowsTete (Tete)I will aim for.

A signboard of 260 km to Tete.

I will advance nothing road.

Upstream of the Zambezi River.

Since there was no town on the 2nd day until Tete, we asked people and set up a tent at the settlement. Electricity does not pass and there is no light. That is why you can clearly see the fireflies that swim in the space. Taking a piece of music flowing from a battery-powered radio, a boy of elementary school students caught a small step with "Tatatatatatachi". It seemed to say to another boy, "You can do this". Every time I spend a lot of time in Africa, I think about happiness.

The first day was at a hut of a thawed roof which was vacant.

On the second day, I got a tent at school.

The next morning after a tent at school, it was observed from people in the village from afar.

People around here were unusual for Africa and distance. In Malawi and Tanzania, there was only the brightness that could penetrate it, but it was a bit quiet for the people around here.

Children who have chased after.

I caught a girl who was peeping by the face half from the building next to the scene. But I am getting nervous.

I'm taking a bicycle and taking a break. People surrounding the bicycle. "Hey children, let me take a picture a little"

Children who have been doing this for some time have this look.

In a town called Tete a bit, I could not use the tube. The tube was rupturing due to a scar on the tire in Malawi. I managed to hold a patch for a while, but the hole was too big and the patch peeled off over time. Moreover, the spare tube was similar. I can not do it in the hot weather. I decided to go to the city market and buy a new tube. There are three types of bicycle tubes, British style, Buddhist style, American style. Japanese maamari is British style. Although I am using rice for my bicycle, there were only tubes in English style. Therefore, the valve of the pump does not fit. I got a new pump and managed to proceed. I'm tired.

If you are doing tube replacement work in the market, this person. Even though it was hot, it was hot as a moon moon.

There are bicycles behind these people.

"I will go because I can exchange yes" It is the fate of Africa to be surrounded.

I wanted to take a shriveled fountain.

The faint tank was giving a good taste.

And I got to Tete. The bridge over the Zambezi River entering the city of Tete is splendid. thisZambezi RiverThere is a Victoria Falls upstream of. The atmosphere of old socialism remained in the town of Tete. It is hot here, unlike the former Soviet Union, where an inorganic, authoritative huge building, a tasteless building is forested. That is why I have never been there, but I thought of Cuba. Russians placed important things on this Mozambique. There was vodka everywhere.

Mozambique continued colonial policy by Portugal until independence in 1975. We will proceed with the construction of a socialist state together with independence. Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) who was a white-country state who set out destabilization work there, was South Africa. Mozambique will get caught up in the civil war that lasted until 1992. Two conflicts of Cold War and race were intertwined and it was impossible to escape.

It is a city of Tete where the time has stopped for a while, but there was a dynamic development in some places. In the suburbs I see a pretty little mall and the bank has a new store in the city. The selection of supermarkets in the center was also good enough. Mozambique has geographical factors adjacent to South Africa plus Brazil with the same economic growth in the same Portuguese sphere. I would like you to keep this advantage and keep developing reliably.

Dusk of the Zambezi River.

A wonderful bridge over the Zambezi River. The other side of the bridge is the Tete city.

Back of the alley of ordinary people.

Signboard of "vodacom" on main street.

An inorganic and authoritative huge building.

The landscape of the building that felt the former Soviet Union.

A widowed road that is a characteristic of a socialist country. But it was so hot that I could not but imagine Cuba.

Cheap accommodation in Tete. I will do nearly 1000 yen with this nothing content.

Outlets were not three mainstream holes in the East and South Africa, but two mainstream holes in Europe similar to Portugal.

From Tete I connected with Changara → Guro → Catandica → Vanduzi and aimed Mutare (Mutare) in eastern Zimbabwe. There is also a way to enter Zimbabwe from Changara, which makes the stay in Mozambique unfortunately short. In addition, I wanted to stay in the city other than Harare (Harare), the capital city of Zimbabwe.

In the rural village of Mozambique everywhere was the house of the roof roof. The situation stands outstanding among the eastern and southern African countries. However, the road was paved firmly, and there seemed to be a foundation already with electricity and water supply when it became to a certain degree of city. The vegetables sold in the street in the country are solid. In some countries the onions that were only small golf balls were small, and in Mozambique it was well done with large grains of fists. That is why I look forward to it.

I just saw the scenery like this.

A house with a roof top that is built side by side.

Dusk released from the heat during the day.

The countryside is the blue sky market. A young man who sells clothes.

A cheap hotel on the way.

I found something interesting in the countryside of Mozambique. You can hear the sound effect at a loud volume from the building 100 meters away from the road. He seems to be playing a fighting game with "Hatt, Wow, Tar, Ya". I headed to the building to be sucked in. When you let me peek inside, one TV in the darkroom, children trying to sit quietly. Among them, good Chinese battered bad Chinese with bare hands. That's a kung-fu movie. Looking at this, I could understand a little about myself in Africa. Even Japanese will surely misunderstand the Chinese. Because the sound effect of the movie had never breathed a long time, it continued for a long time. I felt I was asked for sound effect as an oriental person, so I tried to take a model but I could not turn around. Visitors who have not been called are obviously floating. Regrettably losing in the kung-fu movie was not good "Katana, Samurai, Ninja, Japan" and imitated Katana and appeared as "Japanese movie good".

This is the cinema of the settlement.

Here is the sound effect you hear.

The voice of the kung-fu movie heard from the cinema of Mozambique's settlement - YouTube

In Mozambique I had a hard time eating. The cafeteria is hard to find. Even the cafeteria has long been kept waiting for "chicken and rice" to come out. It is also expensive. After all, we ate only "French fries and poultry" on the stalls coming out soon. Mozambique became hot and humid every day because the altitude fell. It gets hotter in the heat and reaches the town where the inn is located but that's why the cold beer that drinks with Quits was the best.

"Chicken and rice" that came out waiting for a lot at the cafeteria

Fanta of the bottle is not "ORANGE" but "LARANJA" and Portuguese.

Paper pack fruit juice.

"MANICA" beer often seen in Mozambique.

Here Mozambique beer "2M"

The altitude will rise as you approach Mutare in Zimbabwe.

Before the Zimbabwe border.

And commemorative photo with young people before the border. Do not lean, do not press, it's hot.

I have a tent set up in a village that has neither electricity nor water supply, I take photos with children and surround it remarkably in the country. Mozambique has become a country like Africa's summary. There are many things irritated in Africa, but that alone is not interesting, so I feel it is necessary to have fun together. That is the last photo.

When entering Zimbabwe, loose Africa has gone.

(Sentence / photo: Takuya S. Narou Charriderman
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