Africa buddy circumstances often thrown in as "no toilet seat" or "light bulb is red" Summary

Hello. Bicycle around the worldTakuya SAITO @ Chalidermanis. I am deciding a monthly budget in order to go on a journey round the bicycle world. When finding out one day from there, the budget which can be spent over night is supposed to be within 1000 yen. What I will introduce from now is the situation in Africa when I ran through from Morocco to Zimbabwe with such a budget of 1000 yen or less. A couple in Africa is somewhat short. However, I felt that I was asked to sharpen it. I will introduce the cheap circumstances in Africa.

Let's start with anyway. Please be amazed at African cheap quality where something is missing.

Iron gates on windows and TV. Africa is the one that does not mind being stolen from the outside or being stolen from the inside.

The screen door is torn.

Ali was making a queue along the wall of the room.

The key is also one of trials. There is a key that has a trick in opening and closing, opening it while pushing the door or opening it while pulling it. Building is bad. Irritable if you can not do it well. Since the employee of the hotel has a key, it would be safer to close the keyhole with a convenient item called a keyhole blocker. The East African cheapest is a padlock so you can rest assured that you have your padlock. In Kenya, although it is only one place, I was surprised to have a card type key.

The key chain is cardboard.

The key to the door from the inside is a nail.

It is obviously misaligned and can not be used.

Here is the keyhole blocker that fills the keyhole.

It is also troubling that the light bulb is cut off or it gets cut. There will not be a spare bulb. If it is a gentle place, I will go to buy a new light bulb. In Ghana it quickly changed. But in Cameroon it was reversed out of reason. In Guinea I will not replace it even if I wait, so I finally worked when I tried to remove the light bulb outside by myself.

The light bulb of the toilet is out of shape.

It is hard to work with this light.

Where there is no electricity is a lamp or a candle.

The most terrible thing is around the water. I can not find a toilet seat for Western-style toilet. Well, I hope it makes a Japanese style ... .... You have to take a shower with a bucket if you do not have a water supply. Even if you give me a bucket, I do not have a hand crate. In preparation for that, I was walking with my own pail. Since the hot shower is not attached to the cheap hotel, let's put in a spirit and cover the water. If you get used to it you can wash your body well with a bucket shower.

The drain pipe is not connected.

A shower in the past, a bucket now.

This is a bucket shower.

Please use whatever bucket you like.

Where are the toilet seats ...?

Dirty, smelly, and the lowest.

In Muslim's strong Tanzania, Japanese style was popular and comfortable.

And I will introduce the inexpensive circumstances in Africa that ran from Morocco to Zimbabwe.

The cheapest hotels in Western Africa tend to be higher in the safer area. Senegal, Guinea-Bissau, around Mali was less serious than cheap. I stayed in a cheap hotel in Burkina Faso, Togo and Benin even in the same safe area. Because Guinea and Sierra Leone were inflation, we were not troubled with the cheap. The price of the cheap hotel is kept unchanged, but it is easy to do because the value of foreign currency is rising. However, I do not have electricity or water supply. Nigeria did not say anything because he was paired with him and she was sharing. Is Ghana the most serene setting in Western Africa? Cost performance of cheap Ghana cheap accommodation with remarkable economic development was outstanding.

Cheap accommodation in Guinea-Bissau. It was an inn in the capital city of Bissau which is dirty but expensive. The price is 6000 CFA (safer franc) = about 1040 yen.

Cheap accommodation in Guinea. However, electricity turns on self-generated electricity at midnight. The price is 50 thousand GNF (Guinea franc) = about 660 yen.

A cheap hotel in Sierra Leone. There was no water service here. The price is 40,000 SLL (Syria Leone Leon) = about 800 yen.

Cheap accommodation in Ghana. It was Ghana that the facilities and the price were comfortable. 15 GHC (Ghana seedy) = about 840 yen.

The cheap hotel in Central Africa was severe. Cameroon had a cheap hotel except Yaounde in the capital city. Although Gabon has a high income level, surprisingly many cheap accommodations advanced. In the country of Congo there was only a room like a cell.

There was a comfortable cheap hotel in Cameroon. 6000 CFA = It is about 1040 yen.

There was a cheap hotel in Gabon, but the room is not good. Here also 6000 CFA = about 1040 yen.

A room like a country cell in Congo. 2500 CFA = about 410 yen.

Eastern Africa has abundant cheap hotels and is close to Southeast Asia. In the countryside, the toilet shower co-operated with 200 yen, 300 yen cheap hotel, in the town 600 ~ 1000 yen stayed in a cheap room with a toilet shower. The cottage in the country is a little dirty, but the cheap hotel in the city is clean and comfortable. There is only bed in the room in the country house, so it would be better to divide it only asleep. There was a place with breakfast at the cheap hotel in the city of Kenya. The cheap hotel in the city of Tanzania has a large bed, large desk and chair in the large room and cost performance is outstanding. In Rwanda there was a bad cheap place anywhere.

A cheap hotel in Kenya countryside. I was hit by a mite in this type of inn in Kenya. 250 KES (Kenyan Shilling) = about 190 yen.

A cheap hotel in the city of Kenya. Here is the impression that the key is a card and hot shower is attached, overall the Kenya inn is a high level. 1000 KES = about 750 yen.

Countryside cheap hotel in Uganda. 6000 UGS (Uganda Shilling) = about 180 yen.

A cheap hotel in the city of Uganda. I arrived safely since I first arrived from Kenya and this was my first lodging. 16,000 UGS = about 480 yen.

Countryside cheap hotels in Tanzania. 5000 TZS (Tanzanian Shilling) = about 250 yen.

A cheap hotel in the city of Tanzania. It is a beautiful interior that hesitates to put a bicycle. The price is 13,000 TZS = about 650 yen.

Generally the quality was high, so I was relieved in Rwanda. 6000 RWF (Rwanda Franc) = about 780 yen.

When entering southern Africa, cheap crowds are getting less. Malawi and Mozambique were still staying at the cheapest but in Zimbabwe it was said that "from at least 20 dollars", no hands went out. Botswana, Namibia and South Africa, which are said to have high prices, will have similar forms. However, this southern Africa has many tourists, can also stay in a dormitory style (sharing one room bed) backpackers or a camping tent. If so, you can restrict the night to 1000 yen or less, so you should be OK from now on.

A cheap hotel in Mozambique which was disappointing due to the decline in quality compared to eastern Africa. 300 MZN (Mozambique · Meticus) = about 890 yen.

In Zimbabwe I stretched a tent in this pleasant grass garden. 5 USD (US dollar) = about 400 yen.

I arranged a lot of things, but I am able to travel in Africa well because there is a cheap hotel. The body that got sweaty after the running of the day is a pleasant thing to wash away even if it is a bucket shower. Also, because it is a cheap hotel, accommodation fee can be reduced to food expenses. Mr. Charrida has to eat it.

If you do not stick to it, there is a cheap hotel from this place. I can travel at all. It is Africa that is satisfied both better and worse. Since it is best to experience by yourself, how about visiting Africa once?

(Sentence / photo: Takuya S. Narou Charriderman
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