Understanding the poor reason why Africa has passed in Uganda without electricity and price tags

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From Kenya that was comfortableUgandaOn the first night of the night we entered a power outage for the last 4 hours. A dish not able to order, a traffic jam that can not even walk, a store whose price is unknown ... ... and returned to usual Africa. In this way, I looked at the reasons for African poverty in the difference between Kenya and Uganda. Poverty is not natural and there. While doing something wrong Moomoya to UgandaRwandaI will run to the capital city of Kigali (Kigali).

Here is the capital city of Kampala (Kampala) in Uganda.

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The Ugandan currency is Uganda Shilling. A gorilla is drawn on the back of the maximum amount of 50,000 shilling notes. A wild gorilla inhabits Uganda, and the gorilla tour for tourists from abroad is a valuable means of acquiring foreign currency.

The first town in Uganda is Tororo (Trolo).

A person with a rifle was reflected by chance. In Africa security guards like him are holding guns at the entrance of banks, mobile shops and supermarkets. It is probably because security is bad. Recently I got used to it, but it is a bad sight from Japan.

I entered the first inn in Uganda at Tororo. It was a nice room as far as 16,000 Uganda Shilling (about 500 yen). However, it will power out for nearly four hours at night.

Uganda's electrical circumstances are not so good in Kenya although there was almost no blackout. Even the capital city Kampala will power out for a long time. Switching to private power generation and continuing business The interior of the supermarket store was dark and it seemed to be near the closing point although it was open.

Africa blackouts began in Senegal. The photo shop which carried over to the next day because there is no electricity can not be misunderstood in the printing work of the proof photograph which ends in only 3 minutes. Guinea - Bissau, Guinea, Sierra Leone had no electricity other than the capital city and big city. Even if there is electricity, there will be power outages, so banks and nice hotels are equipped with in-house power generation. However, it can not deny the inefficiency of a country where electricity can not be supplied in a stable manner. Also, Nigeria and the Congo were also in a bad situation.

Kumamoto seal dump truck. In Uganda, a lot of Japanese used cars are running.

After entering Uganda, it was serious that wiggly up and down continued.

I will enter Uganda's capital, Kampala.

I found a used bicycle shop in the city of Kampala. I got a tube and a bicycle part.

He took care of everything.

I bought a new waist pouch with a stall vending a second - hand bag. Since there is no price tag, of course, it is negotiations.

"I do not have a price tag"Is a feature of Africa"Take from people you can take"The rule that holds is established. Some people occasionally say "I can buy it at my own convincing price", but it is not pleasant that the price is different depending on the person. There are no price tags even in shops like this in the stalls. It does not seem to mean to disguise the price as much. However, I do not know which is non-existent in Uganda, but I also tried with a product without a price tag. If you display a price tag, this will not happen. However, it is troublesome and does not do it. It is not impossible but it is not done.

Moreover, "There is no fishing" is also Africa. Every time he said "I will bring it later", I was urgent saying "We are not friend" (from friends and not). There is no idea to prepare from the beginning. So in Africa, extreme caution is also required for how to use money. In the absence of fishing, people in the shop run around the neighborhood to make coins. I have to wait until then. It is useless at all.

Commercial district of capital city Kampala which was messy.

The city center was congested.

The bus of the wagon car also did not move and the bus was bored. "The royal god is angry", it is the Nausicaa state of the Valley of the Wind.

The characteristic of Africa is that public transportation is paralyzed. There is no means to transport in large quantities at one time, so traffic jams like this Uganda. Yaounde's capital city of Cameroon is a means of transportation and it is a taxi. It stopped at a favorite place when I liked it and it hindered traffic. Guinea also had a tremendous appearance that more than dozens of people would jump if one train taxi stopped in the same situation. Compared to the city of the former Soviet Union, where you do not mind going where you go with subway, tram (tram), large bus, minibus, city traffic in Africa is not established.

View of the city of Kammpala.

South African capital supermarket. But since it is only imported items, I can not quite get it.

Uganda is not industrialized as compared with Kenya. Things that can not be made in your country will be imported from Kenya, which will inevitably increase. It was a situation similar to Uganda except for Morocco, Senegal, Ghana, Nigeria and Cameroon of Africa where I traveled. It is a poor country unless industrialization progresses, but a situation arises that the price of things is high. Among them, the gap between rich and poor will expand. In order to reduce poverty in Africa it is necessary to develop industrialization.

The cheap hotel staying at Kampala was 20 thousand Uganda Shilling (about 600 yen).

Leave Kampala and proceed towards Rwanda.

I again crossed the equator and entered the southern hemisphere. From here to South Africa's Cape Town has been a southern hemisphere. It should be.

I was running in fresh green. It was nice to have fewer ups and downs after leaving kampala.

It is helpful to have 7000 Uganda Shilling (about 200 yen) and cheap accommodation in a small town.

I left Kampala and arrived in the city called Mbarara (Mubarara) in three days.

Human houses and banana fields.

A banana field filled up to the back of the back. In Uganda there were many banana fields spread all over like this.

In Uganda, banana charriderman is carrying bananas. A little affinity.

This banana is not sweet. It is a staple food that follows rice and potatoes as "Matoke". The texture is also like potatoes. Banana was staple food even in Cameroon.

This is rice and peanut sauce.

The Ugandan cafeteria usually did not have a menu. First we start with a conversation "What can be eaten". I have to point it to a plate that someone is eating. "A restaurant where you can not place orders" .... This is also Africa. We hope to display the menu and the price. I can not do this as well as price tags, I do not do it.

When I was running I saw a black object along the way. "dog?"

No, it was "baboon". I was sitting idly with a gloomy expression.

"Baboon" crossing the road.

I found a family. The child playing is cute.

I saw a total of ten few "baboons".

We also saw a strange bird in Uganda. It is a bald spot.

If the stork carries a baby, he is likely to take away her child. It was such a huge and eerie figure. This bulk fly in the sky.

I saw a lot of plastic houses. I complained about various things, but Uganda felt "I do it compared to West Africa."

Is it a ranch? Nicely separated grassland.

Uganda's land is well developed. Especially the "banana field" I saw was well done. Because in Guinea and Sierra Leone it did not see the field.

I will raise the altitude a little.

Look down the valley.

Clouds came close.

Kabale (Kabale) close to the border with Rwanda was the last city of Uganda. After all there was no electricity, and it was pitch black at night.

I had my pineapple charriderman cut pineapple.

Grazing for dairy cows.

Uganda ran to Toronto → Jinja → Kampala → Masaka → Mbarara → Kbale and went to Rwanda. I will enter Rwanda.

As soon as I entered the country, heavy rain began. It is shelter from the rain in a building with a side roof.

The Rwandans I met there. I taught Rwanda "Murakoze (Murakoze)" of "Thank you". Grabbing is not bad.

Tea garden was spreading in the valley of the hill.

Even the slopes of the hills have been pioneered and become fields.

The total mileage exceeded 80,000 km in the mountains of Rwanda. It became the distance of the earth two laps. The target of 100,000 kilometers around the cycle of the bicycle has approached.

Beyond the valley is a pioneered hill.

There are many hills in a row.

Beyond the hill the city of Rwanda 's capital, Kigali, is now visible.

The city is spreading around the top of the hill. I have never seen such a hectic city.

The top of the hill is central. Rwanda called "the country of a thousand hills" like this. In this country where genocide took place in 1994 it was a phenomenal rebuilding which was also called "a miracle of Africa" ​​advanced.

While traveling in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and East Africa, Uganda has felt in Africa until nowRoughnessWas conspicuous. I tried to mention the roughness as "reason for poor Africa" ​​as security, power blackouts, price tags, traffic congestion, industrialization.

In addition the population. Development has not overtaken the rapid population increase. In any country I see signs and posters saying "Let's use condoms." China faced this population has made an one-child policy.

And a dictator. This President of Uganda has also maintained its administration for a long period of 25 years. In response to this year's "Arab Spring", a demonstration also occurred in Uganda, but was suppressed. As in the case of Syria, which continues to be disturbed, even in Gabon, the second President is doing politics.

In Japan, from a simple graphic that "Africa is poor, we need assistance," from a simple diagram, is not it rare to think that "Africa is poor"? That is why I explained various examples.Poverty is not natural and there. It may be good to have assistance, but if so, it would be necessary to ask "what to improve". I feel that assistance not seeking outcome appears in this word which African people can easily say "Give me money" "Donnez-moi l'argent", in other words "golden".

From such poverty in Africa, it was Rwanda that was trying to stand up.

(Sentence / photo: Takuya S. Narou Charriderman
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