How to handle without being confused by Coca-Cola, an essential bottle in Africa

Hello,Takuya Sudo @ circle around the world bicycle @ Charridermanis. Coca-Cola was indispensable for driving in Africa. It is located anywhere in the country and the price is reasonable. Drinking Coca-Cola was one of modest enjoyment to spend a hard African journey. Coca-Cola in the bottle is mainstream in Arica, Coca-Cola in the can is luxury goods. In Coca-Cola, a jar filled with such Africa, I tried put together information that is not damaged even if I remember it. In addition, the excellent advertisement of Coca-Cola which is also blown in Africa is worth seeing at first sight. There was an incredible huge monument in Cape Town.

◆ I do not know the price
Equivalent to the euro such as Senegal, Mali, Cameroon and Republic of the CongoSafferThe prices are calm in the economically secure countries such as the sphere, Tanzania, and Kenya, but the prices of inflation-related countries such as Guinea, Sierra Leone and Malawi have not been clear. There are posters of Coca-Cola where the price was written in the store, but they do not actually match. Because the value of money is decreasing, we have to change the price. Since the width comes out depending on the store, I tried to set a rough guide.

I summarized things that I often drink in each country and it became like this.
Morocco:1 liter = 6 MAD (about 62 yen)
Mauritania:300 ml = 100 MRO (about 30 yen)
Senegal:300 ml = 250 CFA (about 45 yen)
Guinea:300 ml = 3500 GNF (about 31 yen)
Sierra Leone:300 ml = 1500 SSL (about 28 yen)
Mari:300 ml = 225 CFA (about 40 yen)
Ghana:300 ml = 0.7 GHC (about 38 yen)
Benin:600 ml = 450 CFA (about 81 yen)
Nigeria:500 ml = 70 NGN (about 37 yen)
Cameroon:600 ml = 400 CFA (about 68 yen)
Gabon:600 ml = 500 CFA (about 85 yen)
Kenya:500 ml = 40 KES (about 31 yen)
Uganda:300 ml = 1000 UGS (about 28 yen)
Rwanda:300 ml = 250 RWF (about 34 yen)
Tanzania:350 ml = 50 TZS (about 25 yen)
Mozambique:300 ml = 15 MZN (about 43 yen)
Zimbabwe:300 ml = 0.5 USD (about 40 yen)
Zambia:300 ml = 3000 ZMK (about 51 yen)
Botswana:300 ml = 4 BWP (about 47 yen)
South Africa:300 ml = 5.5 ZAR (about 60 yen)

After all, Guinea and Sierra Leone are cheap because inflation is progressing. In Central Africa such as Cameroon and Gabon, 600 ml bottle is mainstream. Eastern Africa such as Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania is around 30 Yen, South Africa from Mozambique to South Africa is around 50 Yen.

Morocco's 1 liter size is a bargain.

Bottle of Coca-Cola even in Togo in West Africa.

Cameroon bottle Coca-Cola is 600 ml size.

Coca-Cola in Zimbabwe bottle where US dollar is currently circulating now has 50 cents, distribution of coins less than 1 dollar is bad, so it is set price that you can buy two and buy 1 dollar bill .

Tanzania is a basic 350 ml size. It is slightly profitable because it is 50 ml more than normal and the price does not change from the others.

In Malawi where black market occurred, 60 MWK (Malawi Kwacha) ~ 100 MWK, there was a wide range in price depending on location.

◆ Recycling bottles
Since bottle juice is recycled as the property of the shop, if you drink at a shop etc, tell me "I will drink here", you do not have to worry about deposits with each other. If you pay a deposit it will be possible to return, but it was annoying, so I usually drink it on the spot.

In Rwanda's shops you can eat snacks while drinking the bottle of Coca-Cola. Because there are desks and chairs in the store, just calming down just by drinking the juice.

◆ Pepsi Cola's expansion
Price competition has occurred in Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia, Tanzania, etc. where Pepsi Cola is entering, and it was cheaper than the country with only Coca-Cola. Pepsi Cola sets a cheaper price than Coca-Cola and is competing with Coca-Cola around the world. Coca-Cola with Pepsi-Cola, Sprite's Seven Up, Fanta's Mirinda and Lineup are common.

The bottle of Coca-Cola in Zambia is 300 ml, but the same price bottle Pepsi Cola had 350 ml.

◆ Bottle Opener Cellphone
Most stores have a bottle opener. Even without it, you can open it with a corkscrew with a nail stuck. Even without it, you can open it at the corner of the desk. If that is impossible, you can open the bottle and bottle by crossing it. Furthermore, I saw a person opening with teeth. There is no doubt that it is more convenient to have a bottle opener. If the hotel has a bar and restaurant in it, you can bring it to the room and drink it when you like. I am using Victorinox's multi tool.

◆ It can be closed to a bottle
Namibia, South Africa's 500 ml bottle Coca-Cola has a plastic lid to open and close freely. This lid is the same shape as a plastic bottle. In South Africa, recycling is solid, so even if you carry Coca-Cola in the bottle, even if you carry it, a deposit has returned. It seems that it does not have to be the same as the shop you purchased. In Zimbabwe, the lid of the 1.5-liter bottle Coca-Cola was plastic. With this it is not necessary to drink it, it can be kept in a refrigerator. I admired it was a good way. Moreover, it is also environmentally friendly by recycling.

Coca-Cola of 500 ml bottle of Namibia.

A lid of the same shape as a plastic bottle. You can open and close.

Here is a bottle of Coca-Cola 500 ml in South Africa. Is it the same as Namibia?

Bottle juice of 1.5 liter size seen in Zimbabwe. This lid can also be opened and closed.

◆ Advertising is outgoing
Speaking of Coca-Cola is sold worldwide with overwhelming brand power. Is not it an advertisement with a taste to support that brand? Many Coca-Cola CMs that will flow in Japan will still be in your memory. It was the same in Africa. There are conspicuous signs and posters in the shop where Coca-Cola is located, attracting eyes. And I saw a lot of outdoor advertisements in town.

Morocco's advertisement is Arabic letter and Mr. Moon. In the Arab world where it becomes a hot area it is not the sun of the day but the moon of the night is preferred.

The more I want to shout at Gambia's advertisement "Aaahh". An image appears after drinking cold Coca-Cola at a stroke in hot weather.

Coca-Cola I would like to drink with Nigerian cuisine. A poster was put in front of the dining room.

When arriving at the international airport of Nirobi (Nairobi), the capital city of Kenya, this Coca-Cola ad will jump in.

Also Kenya, I like this advertisement of Coca-Cola the most. I am irritated and unwilling.

Women's advertisement with Coca-Cola in one hand while listening to the music seen in Rwanda's capital city Kigali (Kigali). There is a bright African image, and the mind also bounces.

This is also Kigali, Coca-Cola poured into the cup was dancing in the form of a person.

Tanzania was not a red background. A woman has a bottle of Coca-Cola in one hand.

The advertisement of Coca-Cola seen in Mozambique is in Portuguese.

A signboard that was posted as soon as "WELCOME TO ZAMBIA" entered Zambia.

The advertisement in Zambian capital Lusaka (Lusaka) was "refresing" and refreshing.

We welcome "Welcome to Windhoek" and the arrival of the capital of Namibia, Windhoek (Winthook).

◆ Huge monument
I have been looking for advertisements for Coca-Cola even after entering South Africa, but I can not find it. You can not find it in Cape Town (Cape Town), where you expected it to be here? ...... I thought that it was in the seaside commercial area. This was huge.

A huge monument that seems to move like a robot. It is made of Coca-Cola case and pallet.

The whole picture taken from nearby.

Change the angle and try looking up.

In this way bottle juice cases were stacked one by one. I use a tie wrap for bonding.

The part corresponding to the chair was a palette.

The side part is a combination of a palette and a case.

It was a monument enlightening "Reduced (Reduced), Reused (Recycled), Recycled (Reuse)". In South Africa, not just bottles, PET bottles are reused. Since this PET bottle is premised for reuse, it is stronger than ordinary PET bottles.

The back of a big back.

A huge monument that also appears on the sea surface.

This means that I want you to take it with Table Mountain. It is a nice advertisement.

After running tired in hot weather, after drinking coolly cold bottle cola is the best. Even in Africa, Coca-Cola was familiar. Coca-Cola's strategy is not without a doubt as globalization progresses around the world.

(Sentence / photo: Takuya S. Narou Charriderman
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