If you go around the world by bicycle it will be like this one year

The distance you can go on a day by bicycle is around 100 km. One hour of a car is a day of a bicycle. Because it is a round of the world at that speed, it certainly takes time. It's a staple of the year to annoy you, "What about next season?" What kind of shape will it take for a year around such a bicycle world? It is scheduled to enter Patagonia in 2014, and this time, in anticipation of the current period which is the summer of the southern hemisphere, I came south from Vancouver, Canada at the end of September 2012.

Happy New Year.Around the World Bicycle WorldIt is Takuya Sudo @ Chaliderman. In the end of the year I performed angry mobs and resort in ArgentinaBarilocheIt was a New Year's Eve that took time on an unpaved road not to have a New Year in the New Year and became soaked in a small raindrop where the rain dropped into the campsite of a small village. New ears who sweated with a hot shower and fell asleep as it was. Tanzania the year before last year, Mexico last year and every year like this.

Christmas 2012 in 2012 north of Mexico

It is Christmas in Chile in 2013.

Coca-Cola factory also made a Christmas tree in the case and celebrated mode.

It is nice to have entered Argentina at the end of the year, but what will it be like to run such great nature ...?

A rainbow over rain. In Chile there was never falling down, but in this neighborhood the light rain flutters.

I came here for the new year of 2014.

◆ Distance and number of days stayed
In 2013 I ran 19,920.49 km.

When you display the mileage for one year on a Google map, it looks like this

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The monthly mileage is as follows.

January: 1,454.43 km
February: 1,884.08 km
March: 1,296.77 km
April: 1,588.37 km
May: 997.17 km
June: 1,591.44 km
July: 1,256.20 km
August: 1,172.90 km
September: 1,341.91 km
October: 1,132.59 km
November: 1,578.34 km
December: 1,626.29 km

If we achieved the target of 1500 km per month, we have to run 18,000 km in a year. About a little about 1000 km short of the goal is not wary of whether it managed somehow or not, but the results accumulated properly, the journey was definitely proceeding.

Lake Titicaca on the south of Peru

Dry zone in northern Chile

Then, on May 18th, I landed in South America in Colombia. Seven years after the start of Australia in 2006, I finally stepped into the last continent.

Move by plane from Panama to Colombia

It crosses the equator in Ecuador and is running in the southern hemisphere.

Another 100,000 kilometers that I set as a goal in the cycle of the bicycle world was achieved in Belize of Central America on March 20. Finally I was able to achieve one promise with myself. Currently running 119,200 km, we aim for 120,000 km, which is equivalent to 3 laps of the Earth. Another visit to the 100 countries is another four countries.

9999 km ...

Achieve 100,000 km!

The distances by country and the number of stay days in 2013 are like this.

Mexico: 73 days, 3743.56 km
Belize: 5th, 277.63km
Guatemala: On 17th, 750.02km
El Salvador: 5 days, 294.68 km
Honduras: 1 day, 134.39 km
Nicaragua: 7 days, 365.98 km
Costa Rica: 12th, 657.39km
Panama: 173, 533.39 km
Columbia: 30 days, 1356.79 km
Ecuador: 30 days, 1169.44 km
Peru: 845, 3554.05 km
Bolivia: 29, 1200.14 km
Chile: 5253.11 km on 52th
Argentina: 3 days, 229.92 km

I stayed in Mexico and Peru for nearly 3 months. Countries in South America are big, so Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia also took a month. Chile and Argentina long in the north and south can not know how much to run.

Beginning in Mexico, last year was a year in Latin America.

In Ecuador we fully enjoy the Andes Mountains.

The longest traveling distance is 165.94 km on 16th October when I arrived in Orllo, Bolivia. The altitude was nearly 3700 m, but I went to Switzerland as I went out to the plateau. Conversely, the shortest travel distance is 15.9 km on 18th May. It was the day I headed to the city center from the airport of Colombia's capital Bogoda.

The street where fried chicken shops that we went through in Orlo line up.

A trip to South America that started from Colombia is also on its way.

In the Andean mountain range of South America, I updated the highest point of my life one after another. Until then, the peak of 3792 m which crossed over China's inland is the highest place. First off in EcuadorFoot of Mount ChimborazoRun through and cross the altitude of 4000 m. AndPass past LimaThe altitude is 4818 m. And it will be the border between Bolivia and ChileJewel's RoadThen it reached 4910 m.

A pass before Lima suffered by altitude sickness

Jewelry path that realized the end of the world

◆ About accommodation and meals
307 days out of 365 days a year, cheap accommodation, 4 days homestay, 1 day a day at the airport. In the tent all I slept in 53 days. 42 of them were campuses and 11th were campgrounds and restaurants aside. Apart from the northern part of Mexico and Chile, we are almost staying in a cheap hotel. In a country with cheap hotel, we avoided the campus because there was concern about security. In a poor country, I know that I have money as a dirty bicycle traveler.

In Mexico sightseeing spot, I stayed at a dormitory (host room) hostel.

The cheap hotel I found in San José, the capital of Costa Rica, is spacious and comfortable.

For Peru you can use Wi-Fi around 1000 yen, standard with toilet and shower.

Regarding meals, it was the most fruitful year of my trip. TacosMexican foodBeginning with Guatemalan Fried Chicken, ColombianSet menuFamous for the fish dishes CevichePeruvian foodUntil the food situation in Latin America is too rich. Recently I am full of Chilean seafood and Argentine beef.

Speaking of Mexico is tacos

Even meals that came out in a small village in El Salvador, this quality

Fly of trout (Trucia) also becomes a standard Peru cooking

◆ Weather is important
As long as you are not a few people, I will not run in the burning Sahara desert or the extremely cold Northern Europe. From that, from now on, in the summer of the Southern Hemisphere, we are aiming for Patagonia. And I want to avoid rain if I can. In areas where the rainy season and the dry season are clear, there were times when there was hardly any rain. It has been raining hardly from Mexico to Costa Rica last year, from Peru to Chile.

Clear blue sky of dry season Guatemala

In Panama it overlapped with the beginning of the rainy season and I encountered such a violent squall. I am fortunate that I could not get off while driving.

The southern part of Ecuador was hard to rain.

Dry the wet tent at the cheap hotel ....

Brake shoe raining and wearing away at once. Be careful as it will not cut the rim with the metal part unless you exchange it earlier.

Because it was in time for Bolivia 's dry season,Uyuni salt lakeI was able to run around freely by bicycle.

With such feeling I ran well in 2013 as well.

◆ Goals of this year
The journey of the Americas which ran from Vancouver in Canada is cut by Usuia which is the southernmost tip. Around the Australia, traveling around Southeast Asia, crossing Eurasia, traveling around Europe, traveling in the Americas in addition to the African profile, the complete cycle of the bike that I envisioned is completed for the moment.

However, since there are many places not going with the Middle East, South Asia, and the Pacific Islander Islands, I'd like to continue traveling until I'm satisfied. It may become a backpacker if necessary. Every time I enter a new country, I will not get tired of traveling because new discoveries will come out. Knowledge is increasing as we go overseas every day. It will also move towards publication. Rather than doing what I can do I want to challenge something I can not do. It was the same for a bicycle around the world I dreamed of at the age of 15.

Looking toward the end of the trip this year, I would like to make it a year to date. Everyone please make a wonderful year.

(Sentence / photo: Takuya S. Narou Charriderman
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