Mr. Donut's 60-minute all-you-can-eat "Donut Buffet" Charge Report

All-you-can-eat "Mr. Donuts for 60 minutes"Donut buffet"Was held at the Mister Donuts Susukino shop in Sapporo, Hokkaido for a limited time period from June 1 to 14, 2016, but not only in Hokkaido but also in Mister Donut Oyama shop in Tokyo and Esaka Yoshino cho shop in Osaka But the same donut buffet is held for a limited time only. It is a unique opportunity to fill the stomach with just Mr. Donuts, so I actually went to the shop and checked what it was.

Arrived at Mr. Donut 's Esaka Yoshino - cho shop. Esaka Yoshino cho ShopMISSED MUSEUMIt is a shop attached to the address, "5-32 Yasuno cho Suita City Suita Osaka"

A poster of the donut buffet was stuck out at the shop front. The price setting and the like seems to differ depending on the store, Oyama shop in 60 minutes for adults 1000 yen including tax · Child with tax included 500 yen, Esaka Yoshino cho shop is 1,200 yen for tax included adults · 600 yen for tax included in tax I will.

When entering the shop, in a big table in the middle ... ...

"Donut buffet reserved seat" tag.

In Mr. Donut you often see the style where donuts are lined up in showcases under the cashier counter, but the Esaka Yoshino cho shop has its products displayed like a bakery shop.

From the classic donut called Old Fashion / French Cruiser, provision started from JuneSalt donutThere is also place.

We also found Cream Brulee Donut, which was on sale in January 2016.

The donut pop was a form to take whatever you like.

Products such as "Mister Donut has this sort of ???" are also lining up.

Advance reservation is not essential for donut buffet, but it is recommended, and if you reserve by phone in advance, the item will be refilled in preparation for the buffet. At this time as well, when the store name was announced at the store, the clerk replenished the item to the empty basket.

Before the buffet you will receive the following binder. You can select up to three donuts per order, that last minute is 5 minutes before the end of the day, that you can not take home and leave, you can not share with people who have not ordered the buffet There is something written as notes.

First we pay the fee at the cashier ......

Get a donut buffet card. Every time I take a donut, I go to a cash register and present this card OK.

In addition, it is also possible to add as much as you want for drinks by separately adding 324 yen including tax.

There is a corner called a drink station, so you can get as much coffee and tea as you want here.

So, pick a donut at once ......

All you can eat. First, the first editorial staff selected Chocolat Viana Brot Chocolate (160 yen tax excluded), Salt Donuts / Ring Mayo (140 yen tax), Donut Pop.

The second editorial staff selected pon de · brown sugar (100 yen tax), handmade East donut strawberry (140 yen tax), chocolate fashion (120 yen tax excluded).

The third editorial staff chose Ham and vegetables Tartine (250 yen tax), Cream Brulee donut (160 yen tax), Angel French (120 yen tax excluded).

The donut pop is counted as one type of donut whether you choose only one or more.

So I will eat it at once. First of all, from the salt donut · noodle Mayo just just released in June.

The surface is calico fried, compatibility with Mitsuda Maya Maya is good. It is a combination of oil and fat, but because it has a light texture, I could eat it.

It is also possible to ask the donut to warm up. The cream brulee donut spreads from the smooth custard cream, the fragrance of vanilla beans fluently.

Ham and vegetable tartine is a product that is handled only in some shops in Mr. Donut's shops.

With such a feeling, the sticky eyes are attached to the reverse side of the fabric firmly, food close to "pizza" rather than "bread". The inside is dusty, the outside is crispy texture.

Chocolat Viana Brod Chocolate also eats Pakpaku. It was "It is more delicious than the usual Mister donut ... ... that I was convinced every time I ate it." To put it concretely, each degree of texture of "fabric", "crispy", "rice cake", "fluffy ... ..." is shattering that of a regular store donut, for example, when it comes to chocolate viana brotoch chocolate sauce The feeling is very light, and it is exactly eating texture that it is hardened by being fried too hard, and it does not become a feeling of damp feeling after a long time.

"I thought that even if you say" All you can eat donuts, you will not feel uncomfortable with oil, will you soon reach the limit? ", But since overall the finish is light, when you finish eating 3, The stomach never leaned. We will add more brioche toast · tuna melt (250 yen tax), pon de rings (100 yen tax), handmade East donut (160 yen tax excluded).

Brioche Toast · Tuna Melt is also a product sold only in some stores. There are plenty of tuna in the fluffy dough, and the cheese that wraps the tuna is baked until it becomes crunchy. Although there are many quantities, the mouth becomes sweet with a donut, so it was nice to have a nice feeling when putting baker's bread in between.

Another editorial staff got handmade East donut · chocolate (140 yen tax), croissant muffin · cheese cream (180 yen tax), shrimp and avocado tartine (250 yen excluding tax).

Shrimp and avocado 's tartine have plenty of shrimp and avocado, and the especia is large and enjoyed the texture of the prepuri. Tartar is a somewhat crispy taste, compatibility of tartar with outstanding avocado with plump shrimp and smooth texture is outstanding. Just a volumeful toast, so if you are a small meal you could have been satisfied with this one level.

Croissant muffin and cheese cream has plenty of cheese cream inside. A crisp cream with a mellow crisp texture with a smooth crisp texture of the fabric has complemented the sweetness, but it is a product that has quite a lot to eat against against light appearance, so suddenly the stomach swells when you finish eating.

As there are only three donut orders at a time, people who do not have much confidence in their stomachs can add donut little by little. So, this time I ordered sausage's crisp Denish (230 yen tax) and handmade East Donut · Honey (140 yen excluding tax).

The sausage's refreshing Danish has a flavor of butter from the dough, the inside is moist, but the outside texture is very light and crispy. The sausage is plump and juicy, it is a dish of the dishes, but it was flattened with the pelori.

This donut looks like a honey dip is a different name "hand-made East donut · honey". The place where the sugar coating is done is the same as Honey dip, but the fabric was fluffy fluffy enough to feel fine, even a high-class feeling is felt.

In addition, we will order Cream Brulee Donuts Apple Cinnamon (160 Yen Tax), handmade East Donuts Angel Cream (140 Yen Tax), Financier Donuts / Cinnamon (120 Yen Tax) etc and we will eat mushrooms.

The stomach begins to suddenly start around around 30 minutes after the start, but since edible residue is strictly prohibited, there are also editing members who change to a style that adds one donut one by one. Pon de Ring has a soft texture when biting while it is firm on its surface, and it will be easy to eat as you go forward with eating.

Shrimp and avocado tartine are the second one.

Pon de · brown sugar will also eat the second one.

Handmade East Donut Sugar (140 yen excluding tax) has a light texture so it was easy to enter even when feeling satiety.

Finally it packed the donut pop in the stomach gap and finished.

As a result of challenging the donut buffet, we completed seven female editing staff, eight male editing staff and ten donuts. In terms of price, since it was 1199 yen including tax, 7 pieces including tax, 1318 yen including tax, and 10 pieces including tax including tax of 1750 yen, 60 minutes tax included 1200 yen price setting is about whether women can take the original price So, even if it is male, trying to aim for over 1200 yen it was sought for a fierce battle. Both donuts are not persistent in oil, they are lightly finished and easier to eat than the usual donuts, so if you are of a type such as "Handmade East Donuts" you will get into the stomach more than expected, but the breakfast bread is quite heavily I accumulated in the stomach, so I felt that I should pay attention to the timing of eating. According to the shop staff, there seems to be some people who complete the 18 donuts, so please challenge those who want to fill the stomach with a donut.

In addition, the donut buffet is until July 15th (Thursday) 2016.

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