Mister Donut collaborated with BAKE CHEESE TART & Zaku Zaku to conquer all 6 new donuts of 'misdo meets BAKE & ZAKUZAKU'

'Missdo meets BAKE & ZAKUZAKU ', which Mister Donut jointly developed with the cheese tart specialty store '

BAKE CHEESE TART ' and the cream puffs specialty store ' Crocan Shoe Zakuzaku ', has appeared on Friday, July 2, 2021. I was really interested in the taste of 'Bake Cheese Tart Donut ' which reproduced the cheese tart by using the old fashion fabric as a tart, and 'Crispy Croccan Shoe Donut ' which was the image of a croquette donut with a shoe donut and almond crunch. I bought it at a donut and tried it.

misdo meets BAKE & ZAKUZAKU | New products | Mister Donut

Arrived at Mister Donut.

At the store, the appearance of new works in collaboration with BAKE CHEESE TART and Croccan Shoe Zaku Zaku is appealing.

That's why I bought a take-out set containing 6 new items one by one and came back. The set includes 'Bake Cheese Tart Donut,' 'Bake Cheese Tart Donut Blueberry,' and 'Bake Cheese Whip,' which were jointly developed with BAKE CHEESE TART.

'Zaku Zaku Crocan Shoe Donuts' 'Zaku Zaku Crockan Shoe Donut Chocolate' 'Zaku Zaku Pon de Ring' jointly developed with Croccan Shoe Zaku Zaku.

'Bake cheese tart donuts', 'Bake cheese tart donuts blueberries', 'Crispy croquette donuts', and 'Crispy croquette donuts chocolate' are recommended to be chilled, so go to the refrigerator.

It's been about an hour, so I'll take it out of the fridge and eat it. First of all, from 'Bake Cheese Tart Donuts'.

Cut it in half and you'll see the donuts filled with oven-baked cheese whipped cream. When you try it, the simple sweetness of old-fashioned dough and the refreshing sweet and sour taste of cheese whipped cream spread in your mouth. The crispy texture of the old-fashioned donut is combined with the soft and light melting of the cheese whipped cream in the mouth, making it a perfect sweet for Mister Donut's classic donuts and cheese tarts.

Next, I will try 'Bake Cheese Tart Donut Blueberry'.

The cheese tart and the blueberry jam topped on the tart go great together. The texture of old fashion and cheese whipped cream is combined with the coolness of blueberry jam that has been chilled in the refrigerator, so it is a must-try item after you buy it.

Next, I ate 'Bake Cheese Whipped Cream'.

Whipped cream and cheese whipped cream are sandwiched in the yeast donut dough of Mister Donut.

When I tried it, I could feel the gentle sweetness of the two types of cream from the sweet yeast donut dough with a soft texture.

Next time, I will try 'Zaku Zaku Crocan Shoe Donut' which is a collaboration with Croccan Shoe Zaku Zaku.

When cut in half, it looks like this. Creme patissiere is sandwiched between pseudonuts and topped with almond crunch. The almond crunch, which has been browned in the oven, has a crunchy texture, and the texture of the

croquembouche dough is well reproduced. The aroma of almonds enhances the richness of the custard cream, making it an impressive donut.

'Crispy croquette donut chocolate' is a donut with chocolate

glaze and almond crunch.

There are two types of sandwiched cream, custard cream and whipped cream. The taste of double cream and the flavor of chocolate were combined with the texture of crunchy almonds, and I enjoyed the change in both taste and texture.

The last thing I ate was 'Crispy Pon de Ring', which is a chocolate-coated Pon de Ring topped with glaze and almonds.

The taste is Pon de Ring with chocolate, but the chewy texture of Pon de Ring is combined with the crispness of glaze and the crispness of almond crunch, which is a bit different from the standard Pon de Ring. It is a dish.

'Bake Cheese Tart Donut' 'Bake Cheese Tart Donut Blueberry' 'Bake Cheese Whip' 'Crispy Crockan Shoe Donut' 'Crispy Crockan Shoe Donut Chocolate' 'Crispy Pon de Ring' from Friday, July 2, 2021 You can order at the Mister Donut store, and the prices are as follows.

Takeout (tax included) Eat-in (tax included)
Bake cheese tart donuts 237 yen 242 yen
Bake cheese tart donut blueberry 237 yen 242 yen
Bake cheese whipped 172 yen 176 yen
Crispy croquette donuts 194 yen 198 yen
Crispy croquette donut chocolate 194 yen 198 yen
Crunchy Pon de Ring 172 yen 176 yen

There is also a take-out set (600 yen including tax) where you can choose three, and a take-out set (1200 yen including tax) that contains one for each type.

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