"New York Croissant Donut" deep-fried croissant fabric in a special way is crisp and fresh

By grilling lightly once and frying, it is not greasy, finishing in crispy donut with crispy texture is Banderoru's "New York · Croissant donut". From April 1stCroissant donuts are also sold at Mister Donuts, I actually tried eating what kind of Banderol's products are.

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Arrived at Ito-Yokado Kawasaki port town store in Kanagawa prefecture.

The bread basket Kawasaki port town shop that sells croissant donuts is located on Ito-Yokado 1st floor. At first glance it is an ordinary bakery, but ...

When I bought a croissant donut, I received the goods in a solid box like a crispy cream · donut.

When I opened the box, there was a croissant donut in a state sandwiched between thin paper.

So I will eat it at once. First of all, "Crispy Chocolate"

Milk chocolate, crunch and powdery sugar are put on the surface.

When viewed from the side, chocolate is hanging from between the croissant dough baked up in biscuits.

When you try it, it is a spicy texture called "Zaku". There are many types of croissants from moist to crisp, but the croissant donut of Banderol realizes a crispy texture by frying. A cream was sandwiched in a croissant donut of Mr. Donut, but since it is only chocolate, it is a rather light texture and taste. Sweetness was also good, and sizes themselves were somewhat smaller than common donuts, so I did not feel persistent even when I ate them all.

Then "Strawberry Chocolate"

On the surface are strawberry chocolate and milk chocolate with collapses, dry cranberries are on somewhat.

It also has a texture of "zakutsu" "floating" when it gets caught. Because the milk chocolate is sandwiched between, the strawberry feeling is not that strong. It is a combination that becomes a habit of the texture of "Karizu" "Sakut" of the surface that you feel when you gnaw and the texture of the Denish cloth that was firm but still firm. The flavor of the butter of the dough is also insisting on defeating the chocolate, and the sweet and sourness of the dried fruit is a good accent, it seems to be the spring taste.

Next is "Salt caramel chocolate"

Salt caramel chocolate and sliced ​​almond on the surface.

Unlike the above two items, caramel cream is sandwiched between crisp fabrics. A bit of saltiness stands out for a firm sweet cream, and one item that I want coffee. The texture of crunchy sliced ​​almonds is also good.

Next is "rich matcha chocolate"

White chocolate is sandwiched between.

Coffee chocolate is on the top of the powdered green tea chocolate.

Matcha's solid bitterness and sweetness, the sweetness of white chocolate is a good match for a good feeling.

The standard donut is perfect for people who are not enough "Mango" which is on sale from April 1

Looking from the side like this. It seems that chocolate is not sandwiched between fabrics.

When I try to eat it, the mango is incredibly fruity scent. It is a fairly refreshing taste, so you will be surprised if you eat without knowing the type of donut, but the custard cream sandwiched between it adds a sweetness and it is well balanced.

This time "lemon cream"

It is not chocolate that is sandwiched between here, custard cream.

When I try it, this is a refreshing scent. Some people may not be good because they are not strongly acidic and there are slight artificial lemon flavors, but if you like sweets of lemon you can definitely eat deliciously.

And at the end is "Smile White Chocolate". It is with a cute little smiley mark.

White chocolate is on the surface and milk chocolate is sandwiched between the dough.

Milk chocolate × white chocolate and finished to be able to fully enjoy the two kinds of chocolate, it was becoming an irresistible one if you like chocolate.

The croissant donut is 165 yen (tax included). Bread basket Kawasaki Minatocho store sold a total of seven types of croissant donuts, but since the types sold by shops are various, check with the phone below by referring to the following shop list and go to buying It is better.

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