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Under the catch phrase "croissant and muffin fell in love", the new sensory sweets of croissant × muffin sold at Mister Donuts from April 6, 2016 are "Croissant muffin"is. Croissant is a kind of bread, muffin is a kind of baked confectionery, I thought, "Is not the donut totally related?", But I went to Mister Donuts for the time being to ascertain its fresh texture .

Croissant Muffin | New Item | Mister Donut

I came to Mister Donut to eat croissant muffin.

Croissant muffins are being widely advertised in stores.

I ordered it immediately. There are 3 kinds of flavor, the cheese cream on the left front, the chocolate almond in the center back, and the blueberry custard whip on the right.

It is provided in a state wrapped in paper written as "BROOKLYN.NY", so if you use it well, you can eat without rubbing your hands.

So, first I tried to remove the cheese cream from the package.

The size of croissant muffin is about this compared with iPhone SE. It looks pretty voluminous.

On the surface of the cheese cream are crumpled old fashions and granulated sugar combined and oven-baked crumbles are topped, and the whole is covered with sugar.

Try dividing it by two by hand. The section is very similar to the croissant and the tearing comfort is quite light.

There are plenty of cheese cream in it. When eating, the sweetness of cheese cream · crumble · sugar is intensified, it is considerably sweet more than it looks. The texture of croissant muffin is totally crispy croissant, the crisp texture of the surface is good. Although it looks like Boryumi, it's a light texture like croissant so I can surprise you unexpectedly. In addition, cheese cream does not have much cheese flavor even if the surface crackles and cheese cream are combined, and it is becoming a croissant muffin with a particularly sweet taste among the three flavors.

Next I will eat chocolate almonds. Chocolate coating and roasted almonds are toppled on the surface ... ...

Sugar is swept in the part without the chocolate coating.

There are almond flavored chocolate cream and custard whip in it, but when you try it, chocolate coating is moderately sweet and its flavor is good. Chocolate cream is indeed sweet as cheese cream, but since the flavor of almonds is working, it can be eaten rather than getting tired of overall cheese cream that is sweeter. It is an impression that the unique texture of croissant muffin and the flavor of cream are kept in good balance.

Finally blueberry custard whip. Blueberry jam is out with a small face from the top.

The section looks something like this. Blueberry jam and custard whip are inside.

When trying out, the blueberry jam is the sweetest modest of the creams contained in the croissant muffin, yet the fresh sweetness is outstandingly compatible with the unique texture. Personally it is a flavor compatible with 1st croissant muffin.

If you were to mention the only weakness of croissant muffin, it was difficult to eat it, and it tended to get dirty on the table with the surface crumbling like a croissant and the sugar on the surface. As sweetness is enough, sweetness is enough, "I wonder if there is no sugar on the whole?", But I still feel a unique texture and light eating comfort once it is what I want. It is.

In addition, croissant muffins are sold at 194 yen including tax, in Tokyo and Kanagawa prefecture, they are sold at 216 yen including tax.

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