A technique to conveniently use familiar things that are available cheaply overseas

The longer you stay abroad, the more I miss the Japanese 100 yen shop. If we do not have money, we will solve them all, but I will not go. In the first place cases such as vinyl case, mesh case, drawstring bag etc are difficult to obtain by rare itemization. If possible, there are low-priced items in any country. If you do not have it, you only have to use your head, it was days of trial and error.

Hello,Around the World Bicycle WorldIt is Takuya Sudo @ Chaliderman. As in Japan's 100 yen shop, Chinese products are overflowing in any country, but things that are available are limited. High quality items that are not made in China are expensive and can not be wasted by the budget of their travels. Since there was no choice, it was necessary to devise and use familiar things that are available cheaply overseas.

◆ Cases
Since PET bottles are all over the world, we have to make good use of them. With a 1.5 L bottle gauge, you can carry large amounts of water at one time. In a standard bottle gauge we loaded 750 ml, 1 liter plastic bottle upside down.

Pet bottles with large mouths replace rice bran

Make a cloth case by processing. Because it fits in the bottle gauge, it can be taken out easily.

In China, when it rained, we put a vinyl sheet covering the loading platform and hang it outside.

To prevent moisture, it is the iron rule that bags of bread are made strongly. It is stronger than the plastic bag of the supermarket, so we do not throw it away when we finish using it.

Perfect for putting paper towels like this

Zip lock is indispensable for waterproof measures. Recommended because it is thicker for refrigeration than for refrigeration. After all, things in Japan are low price and high quality.

Durable plastic bags can be used in various ways, so let's keep it in shopping. The plastic bag of the photograph contains a tent that gets wet with rain and morning dew.

I wanted to put the seasoning in one, so I got a pen case with a stationery shop. Otherwise, is it a cosmetic porch for women? Finding cases and cases overseas is really hard.

New socks replace the cushion case. There are no such cases, it is expensive, or the size is different and it is hard to obtain.

I was looking for a case to put chopsticks and spoon, where the toothpaste case was perfect.

The worn-out waist pouch became a saddlebag of a bicycle. I put dirty objects such as tent pegs and cleaning tools.

I decided to put the washing powder in the used jam container.

Stuffed clothes not used for vinyl case ......

Completion of the pillow by covering the cover. With this, you can feel comfortable sleeping anywhere.

It is necessary to pack the bicycle when riding an airplane, but at this time I used a large-sized bag made in China. I am rolling around with a vinyl tape for finishing.

Saran wrap can be used instead of vinyl tape.

◆ Tools
If you are abroad you have opportunities to use tissue paper. If you are a traveler it is also toilet pepper to chew your nose?

Instead of cooking pots ...

The lunch mat became a mouse pad. Both are lightweight so it's handy to carry.

The old bicycle tube will be cushioning material. Even the gap between the holder and the case was rattling, but solved it by cutting the cut tube.

Since there is also a gap in the carrier that carries the luggage of the bicycle and the nail of the orthorb bag, I cut the old tube and wind it with vinyl tape.

Rubber strings for bicycles available in Chile in South America will not stretch. The high quality thing that stretched well was expensive, so I got a cheap rubber string for handicrafts.

This rubber string is also used to support the front bag where the adapter is broken.

When the ground is hard and pegs do not get stuck in the tent, a basin that collects stones has become a substitute.

There is not enough windows in the cheap hotel, and it is okay if there is a washbasin evening when the crevice comes in.Instead of a hangerA wash basin is indispensable in my trip.

It is the water pipe to stand up a super-heavy tooling bicycle. If you are a developed country, you can get it at home center or in a developing country at hardware store.

Clothespins are sold in every country, but the power of the spring is not strong like Japan. In such a case, it is recommended to use a stationery store's clip.

It is the same in general households to use the used toothbrush for cleaning.

Alcohol which can be obtained at a pharmacy is convenient for a small cleaning. When you wipe a personal computer or a digital camera with a damp cloth, it gets refreshed and dirt falls and it becomes beautiful.

When I want a sturdy string, I get a shoe lace. Approximately 25 yen ~ 50 yen in one set.

Instead of taking notes, record it in a photo with a digital camera.

I used a dedicated player, but I was listening to music on a smartphone because it was hard to operate.

People from overseas as well
Polystanch dust found in Mexico

Discovered a sheet knitted with old rubber tubes in the car carrier

Coil that wound wire of cable also transformed into bench in town.

If you gather a crown of bottles as well, it turns into a fancy pot cover.

I am continuing my journey in roughly this way. I am glad if there is useful information even a little, but how is it?

(Sentence / photo: Takuya S. Narou Charriderman
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