I cooked a beef stew or a crispy cake that is too brand new "Coven" side dishes I ate a cake

Christmas is getting closer and the opportunity to eat cake increases, but the concept which is completely different from the existing cake is "Coven"Side dish of cakes. I bought it actually and bought it and tried it with things like dough beef stew, napolitan · onion gratin soup and so on which I dare deliciously eat as a side dish which is intentionally incorporated into the cake.

Ocazucake - Coven -

Coven's address is 2-1-6 Komazawa Setagaya-ku, Tokyo. It is a 2 minute walk away from the west entrance of the "Komazawa University Station" Tokyu Denentoshi Line.

Arrived at the shop.

There is no eat-in space at the shop, so a side dish cake is taken home only.

This kind of cake is lined with such feeling.

So I bought 9 kinds of side dish cakes in all.

This is a lot of side dish cake compared with iPhone 5. It is slightly small size.

First of all I try to eat beef stew (410 yen including tax).

Because it is said that you can eat deliciously if it gently warms up in the range, first thirty seconds for Chin.

Peel off the paper wrapping the side of the cake ... ...

Also remove the tag of "beef stew" stuck in the top.

When cutting it in half it looks like this. On the top of the cake was a carrot, a piece of stew, but there was a large meaty mass in the inside.

When eating, meat that was cooked well and softened is also exquisite with trolley and fat. Cloth is more like a muffin or cupcake texture rather than bread, and when you chin in range it becomes fluffy. Just because the whole fabric is not the taste of stew, it is stew + cake to the last, so the place where the stew is stained is an umbrella, but the place not stained is an ordinary bread. It is designed to be small size, so it is recommended to gouge it like putting stew and cake at the same time.

Next, boiled Chikuzen (346 yen including tax).

If you divide it in half, you can see that chicken and burdock cut in large size are entangled.

It is a chikuda boiled cook that you would rather have rice than bread, but since the seasoning of the cake itself is gentle, you can enjoy the taste of Chikuzumi boiled stained well. If I also chin it, the cake will be a fluffy texture, but because it is a lot of ingredients, it seems to be surprisingly settled on my stomach.

Next onion gratin soup (346 yen including tax).

Unlike the cakes with the top two ingredients coming in, this is a type of cake that kneads side dishes in the dough.

Cheese baked at the top of the cake is topping, an undisclosed onion gratin is directed by the combination of the fragrance of cheese and sweetness and scent of thoroughly fried onions. As the soup is kneaded throughout the dough, unlike the beef stew, you can enjoy the taste of side dishes no matter where you eat.

Orange side dishes are crispy prawns (389 yen including tax).

The sauce was put on the top of the dough, and the shrimp was in the cake.

Shrimp is a crispy texture and sauce is sweet. There is also a good cake for snacks, but there was also an opinion that "Chili sauce which is a little bit more may be accentuated".

Napolitan (324 yen including tax) seasoned with fried vegetables and ketchup sauce.

There is plenty of ketchup sauce on the top of the cake.

Inside was chopped onion and bacon.

The combination of green pepper, bacon, onion and ketchup is exactly Napolitan. Because the taste is solid compared to Chikuzen boiled and so on, it is recommended for those who say "I want junk instead of gentle taste."

Fifth hijiki (356 yen including tax) that the fifth grinding hijiki which is a standard staple of the dishes was kneaded in the whole fabric.


Will it fit together with hijiki and bread ...? I was excited with excitement, but Japanese and Western matched unexpectedly, it was a gentle taste.

Next, French home cooked Potofu (367 yen including tax), which stewed vegetables and wiener stew together.

From the top of the cake the Wiener peeps at her face.

Like the chikuzen stew and beef stew, this is a cake in which ingredients are kneaded in a gentle taste fabric. The part which is not included is somewhat unsatisfactory, but sausage and carrot have a taste firmly and you can enjoy the smoldering potato.

Although it is a side dish cake shop, there was also a desert series cake which is not a side dish.

"Special" is written for a limited time cake of Maron Grusse (410 yen including tax).

At the top is a chocolate-like sauce.

When I tried to break it, there was a grueling large Marron Glacier in it.

Marron Grace was a large chestnut peel, boiled, boiled down and carefully decocted. It is soft and firmly sweet, but the chocolate taste fabric is moderately sweet so it's well-balanced and unlike coffee and tea essential chocolate cake it can be eaten up.

The white sesame was topped at the end, sandwiches (324 yen including tax).

When cutting it, plenty of rice crackers are contained in the dough in which black sesame is kneaded and turned into gray.

It is so "gentlemen" that it can not be expressed any further. Sweetness and fragrance have become exquisite cakes, according to the staff the sesame dumplings heated in the rangeIt is delicious even with vanilla iceAnd that.

Small size and nice, overall gentle seasoning is good, rather than people who want to eat Gatsuri rather than "people want to eat deliciously prepared foods little by little" was for people. In addition, "Deep-fried cake of roast chicken" and "Cake of strawberry custard" etc are also on sale in December.

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