Pasta sauce ``Professional quality pasta sauce rich bolognese / shrimp scent rich tomato cream'' tasting review where you can easily enjoy professional taste in the range

From House Foods, ``Pro Quality Pasta Sauce Rich Bolognese' ' and `` Pro Quality Pasta Sauce Shrimp Fragrance Rich Tomato Cream'' that you can easily enjoy professional quality pasta sauce just by heating it in the microwave have appeared. It is said that restaurant-quality pasta can be tasted with convenient range cooking, so I actually tried to see what it tasted like.

Pasta sauce comes up from 'Pro Quality'! New release of 'Pro Quality Pasta Sauce' [Rich Bolognese] [Shrimp Fragrant Rich Tomato Cream] - newsrelease_2300209_proquality_01.pdf
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The package of 'rich bolognese' looks like this. There are 3 subdivided bags inside.

Beef, tomato paste, beef tallow and lard mixed oil etc. are used as raw materials.

Next, 'shrimp scent rich tomato cream' looks like this.

Beef tallow and lard mixed oil, tomato paste, fresh cream, etc. are used as raw materials.

Since it is said that 'two bags can be cooked at the same time', I will actually cook at the same time. Easy to cook. First, take out the inner bag.

Then put it in the microwave with the front side up and just chin it. When heating two bags at the same time, it takes 1 minute 50 seconds at 500W and 1 minute 30 seconds at 600W.

When you're done, just drop it on top of the pasta you've made in advance.

Mix well and you're done.

'Rich Bolognese' is a pasta sauce where you can enjoy the rich taste of stewed tomatoes and beef. It is characterized by the scent of tomato that rushes after you put it in your mouth.

I will also try 'shrimp scent rich tomato cream'.

The base is also tomato, but the overall sweetness is stronger than 'rich bolognese', and the shrimp scent is quite strong.

The suggested retail price of ``Pro Quality Pasta Sauce Rich Bolognese'' and ``Pro Quality Pasta Sauce Shrimp Fragrant Tomato Cream'' is 450 yen excluding tax, and will be sold nationwide from February 13, 2023.

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