I made Nissin Spa Spa King Carbonara and Napolitan in a microwave oven

I bought "Nissin Spa King Orange Type Carbonara" and "Nissin Spa King Range Type Napolitan" from Supermarket on September 3 (Monday). This is a series of microwave cup noodles following "Nissin Chin" and "Nissin Yaki soba U.F.O. NEXT GENERATION". Chin was pretty good, but what about this one?

Details are as follows.
- No need for water or hot water waste. Spa King exclusively for microwave oven -
Spaghetti type cup-containing raw type of cowpea "Nissin Spa King Orange Type Carbonara" "Nissin Spa King Range Type Napolitan" New Release Information

Napolitan can be done in 3 minutes.

Carbonara that can be done in 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

Napolitan is 418 kcal.

Carbonara is 382 kcal and has a slightly low calorie.

Cooking is easy, just put the contents of the bags in order according to the instructions of the lid.

Napolitan has sorghum, retort cooked goods, liquid sauce, liquid seasoning.

First put the soup in the bowl and sprinkle liquid seasoning evenly.

Then apply a liquid sauce.

Finally put the retort cooked goods.

Carbonara also proceed with preparation.

It contains noodles and retort cooked goods and liquid seasoning.

Apply retort cooked goods from the top of the liquid seasoning.

I only chin in the range.

Beware of burning because the steam coming out of the gap of the lid is hot.

At first Napolitan completed.

And Carbonara is completed.

Napolitan finished a little hard and finished. Taste like tomato ketchup and sauce made with sauce. Wina, peppers, onions are included and the ingredients are satisfied. Carbonara is rather rich in sauce. Creamy sauce and pepper compatibility are very good.

Considering the trouble of boiling hot water and boiling pasta it is convenient because you can easily eat something of quite quality. Even though I do not use hot water, there is no sense of passion and poorness. However, it seems that the taste is quite dark and even if it is made according to the instructions, the fish has been finished in a hardened form, so if you can improve it perfectly it will be a pretty good product.

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