McDonald's 'Beef Stew Pie' is a perfect winter menu where you can enjoy hot beef stew with a crispy pie crust.

'Beef Stew Pie ' has appeared on McDonald's popular side menu pie from Wednesday, December 8, 2021. Beef stew, which is made by slowly boiling vegetables such as beef, potatoes, and carrots to bring out the umami, was used, so I immediately tried it.

The new 'Beef Stew Pie' that is perfect for winter is now available for a limited time! | McDonald's Japan

This is the beef stew pie I bought.

Remove the package ……

It's time to eat. What emerged from the crispy puff pastry was a hot, hot beef stew. With a gentle seasoning that feels the sweetness of vegetables, it has a rich aroma. Ingredients such as meat and potatoes that you feel here and there and the crunchy texture of the pie are appetizing.

The price of beef stew pie is 180 yen including tax. It is on sale for a limited time.

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