I tried using Google's new function "Find smartphone" to find a lost smartphone

A new function that displays things to do in the form of a list when smart phones, tablets, etc. are lost "Find a smartphoneHas been added to Google's account information page.

Find a smartphone

Google Japan Blog: Added new features to Google Account information

"Find a smartphoneWhen I visit the page of "Please log in and start"

Enter the Google Account Name (Gmail email address) you are using on the smartphone you want to search for and click "Next"

Enter the password and click "Login"

Since the terminal possessed is displayed in the list, click the lost terminal name.

This page is displayed. It is written about finding a terminal and what to do to protect the data in the terminal, and you can do it in order.

The top is "Call up smartphone / Identify location" item. First of all, click "ring ringtone" to see if it is left behind in the surroundings. It keeps ringing for up to 5 minutes in a system where the ring tone is played at the maximum volume even when the terminal is in the mute state. You can stop the sound by pressing the power button on the terminal side.

The state of playing what kind of sound is playing is included in the following movie.

When you ring a ringtone at "Find Smartphone", you will feel like this - YouTube

If you can not hear sound from the surroundings, click "Search for a terminal".

Android Device Manager opened in a separate tab.

For details on how to use Android Device Manager, please refer to the following article in detail.

I tried using "Android Device Manager" to find lost smartphone - GIGAZINE

If Android Device Manager does not know the location clearly, or if someone is moving by someone else, go back to the Find smartphone page and click "Next Step".

The item "Lock smartphone" opens. After entering "Password for screen lock", "Message for Discover (Optional)" "Phone number to be gotten by finder" (optional), click "Lock".

"The smartphone was locked" was displayed on the upper side of the screen. In addition, it says that "Password set is not used because the screen lock has already been set", and you can also decide if someone you've picked up is not stealing a smartphone.

The actual locked screen looks something like the one below, and the person picked up can call the set phone number. If you do not have a phone at home, you may not be able to call himself in the first place if you lose your smartphone, so it is more convenient to enter your email address in the message.

The next item is "Try calling a smartphone" and it is an action to check the location by calling your terminal. If you do not know the phone number, you can search from the "contact" saved in your Google Account, and the phone calls from "Hangout" is also an ant. By clicking the link in the item you can open each service. If you do not have a response even if you call, go to the next step.

Next "Log out with smartphone" allows you to remotely log out the Google account you are logged in with your lost smartphone. If you log out, you can use the Android Device Manager functions without problems, such as ringing, identifying location information, locking, deleting data.

In "Contact a mobile service provider", services provided by the carrier are different, but we recommend disabling SIM card · ordering new SIM card, transferring call to new phone number, etc. If the lock is broken, there is a fear that an expensive fee will be charged for international calls etc, so it is better to inform the carrier of the situation once.

When contacting a mobile communication company, please go to the item "Contact the nearest lost and found item." Here we have a link to search lost and found items on Google Maps.

When opening the page, "Osaka International Airport Terminal" was displayed at the nearest Osaka. If you are not on an airplane, the possibility of reaching out here is low so it is a nice place to show the nearest police box.

If it has not arrived at the lost property handling office, we will consider "to erase data on the terminal" which is the last resort. Whatever you think, if the line of theft is rich and the contacts on the lock screen are unresponsive, you can erase all the data remotely and protect your privacy. Care must be taken because there is a possibility that the data in the memory card can not be erased completely. If you erase the data, you can not use the Android Device Manager functions such as locating the position information, locking, erasing the data. Since the smartphone contains a lot of information indeed, let's run it as a last resort if nothing is done.

After completing all of the items, icons of "Check" are added to the items completed for each item and "?" On the incomplete items as shown below. You can understand the progress at a glance so you can also remember what you wanted later to do. However, if you refresh the page or connect from another page, all checks etc are cleared, so be careful.

In addition, the iPhone was displayed in addition to the Android smartphone on the list of "Search smartphone" list. When I click it ......

It is not possible to remotely control iPhone from Google, but "Find iPhoneA link to iCloud which can use "was installed.

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