An iOS version of "Pushbullet" that allows data and links to be exchanged easily between smartphone and PC appears

Easily send data, memos, links, etc. among smartphones / tablets / PCs by sending web pages browsed on a PC to a smartphone or tablet in one shot or sending a picture taken with a smartphone to a PC with one touch. You can exchangePushbullet"is. The iOS version of such Pushbullet was finally released, and it was possible to exchange data with the Android terminal and the PC even on the iPhone, so I actually tried using it.

You can tell how easy it is to exchange data using Pushbullet by looking at the following movie.

Easily send links, notes and files with Pushbullet - YouTube

Pushbullet - Send files, links, and more to your phone and back, fast!

Since Pushbullet is a meaningful application only when it is used with multiple terminals, preparing Android application, Firefox or Chrome's extended functions etc. will be more convenient.

"Pushbullet" application that allows you to easily exchange notes, data links, etc. between smartphone and PC with haste in free - GIGAZINE

◆ Install Pushbullet and login
So, firstApp StoreInstall Pushbullet from.

When you start the installed application, the login screen is displayed first, so tap "Login with Google".

Enter account information and tap "Login".

Tap "Approve".

Tap "OK".

This completes initial setup of Pushbullet. I will try exchanging data at once.

◆ Send notes
When sending data from the iOS terminal side, tap the icon in the lower right corner of the screen.

Then the screen to select the type of data to send is displayed like this. By tapping "Note from Clipboard" it is possible to paste the copied text and send it, "Note" allows you to send the text you entered. "Link" is used when sending the link of the web page, but in version 1.0.0 of Pushbullet for iOS, even if the URL is sent to the PC, the link disappears so it is not currently available. "Address" can send position information, "Photo" can send pictures and movies shot on iOS terminal.

Let's start by using "Note".

Enter the title (title can be omitted), tick the memo in the text, and tap the "To:>" part at the top of the screen.

Select the recipient of the memo from among these. If you install Pushbullet extensions and applications on multiple devices and logging in with the same Google Account, the number of destinations displayed in this "Choose Recipient" will increase.

With this feeling you can exchange data freely between PC · browser · smartphone · tablet.

When you also decide the destination, tap "Push it!" At the end to finish sending data.

In addition, such notification is displayed on the destination PC ... ...

If you check inside INBOX of Pushbullet, you can see notes.

◆ Send link of web page
In version 1.0.0 of Pushbullet for iOS, you can not send a link from iOS terminal to PC using "Link", so we will send the URL without using it.

First open the web page you want to send and tap the address bar.

Then copy the URL.

Then open Pushbullet and tap "Note from Clipboard".

Then the URL is automatically pasted in the text, so tap "Push it!" Then OK.

You can now send URLs.

◆ Send map information in conjunction with Google Maps
"Address" can send map information.

For example, if you enter "shibuya" ...

This way Google Maps opens at the destination and "Tokyo Shibuya Ward" is displayed.

But sending Japanese ......

Please note that Pushbullet for iOS is garbled because it does not correspond to Japanese.

In addition, since we only search on the text sent by "Address" on the Google map of the received terminal, you can also enter a postcode and send it a detailed location if you send it.

◆ Send pictures
In addition, tap "Photo" ......

Tap "Select Photo or Video".

Then, if you select a picture from within the camera roll in the terminal, you can send the picture taken with iOS terminal to the PC.

Tap "Push it!".

When you send the picture to the PC, a new tab opens on the PC and the picture is displayed.

◆ Send from PC to iOS device
When sending memo · link · map information · picture etc. from PC to iOS terminal, garbled characters and no link will not be displayed.

For example, send a web page link from a PC.

Then the notice will be displayed like this ... ...

Tap this from the notification bar.

Pushbullet will start, so swipe the screen downwards to update the information.

The link sent from the PC is displayed ......

The link sent automatically is opened.

Furthermore, if you are from a PC you can enter map information in Japanese.

On the iOS terminal, it is displayed like this, so tap this.

The Google Maps browser opens. If the Google Maps app is installed, the following information will be displayed at the bottom of the screen, so tap this.

Then you can see the map information on the application.

By making full use of these functions, you will be able to exchange links, memos, etc. between PC and iOS terminals.

In addition, if you swipe items you no longer need to swipe left, the "Delete" button will come out, so you can delete it by tapping it.

◆ Windows application beta
There is also a Windows application beta version of Pushbullet.

A Call For Windows Beta Testers | PushBullet Blog

This can be downloaded by clicking "Click here to download the installer" on the link above.

Click "Save file".

Launch 'pb_install.exe'.

Click "Execute".

Click "Next".

Click "Next".

Click "Next".

Click "Next".

Click "Install".

Click "Finish".

The application will be launched, so click "Log in with Google."

As the login screen with your Google Account appears, enter your account information and click "Login".

Click "Approve".

You will be able to use the Windows application.

Using this application it is also possible to send images using Pushbullet from the right click.

As I thought, I did not move forward from "Uploading" and I could not send pictures or movies.

Text transmission is also possible.

The Windows application is still not user-friendly level, but if you use the browser extension function, you can use Pushbullet without problems on PC. Although there is a little problem when sending an iOS application, it is possible to use it stressed free when receiving it. With the introduction of the iOS application, you can smoothly link and exchange data between PC and iPhone, iPad, Android between various terminals, so it is an application that does not cause loss by installing.

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