Free net service "PipeBytes" that can send and receive with unlimited file size

Most of the usual file sending service and online storage service have limitations on the file capacity that can be transmitted, but "PipeBytes" is unlimited in file size unlimited. User registration is also unnecessary.

So, the actual usage is as follows.

First, click "Send File" to upload the file

Then click "Browse" button

Select the file you want to send and click "Open"

Then click "Start Upload"

Then the necessary code for downloading will appear so copy it.

In order to get the file downloaded to the other party, tell me the above code by mail etc. Who wants to receive the file "Pickup File" this time from the top page of

Enter the code and click "Pickup File"

Then click "Start Download"

Just click "Save"

As a restriction, the file can be downloaded only once. Also, even if communication is disconnected during reception, resume is impossible. It might be a service that you can use it if you are even careful of these.

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