Internet service "FileTruck" for sending files of up to 1 GB free of charge

Although it is a so-called online storage system service, it seems that it is very uncommon for such services to come out in Japanese. Up to 1 GB of files can be sent to up to 10 people simultaneously, and the transmission / reception history can be displayed. User registration is necessary on the sending side, but the receiving side is easy to use because it only accesses the download address that arrives by mail. Since the download retention deadline is 72 hours, there is a particular problem.

So, I actually tried using it.
FileTruck for large file transfer service

Click "Register Now"

After setting the e-mail address and password, click "I accept and execute user registration"

Temporary registration complete

This kind of mail comes to the mail address, so click on the address to access it

Main registration complete

For the user ID, enter the e-mail address for registration earlier, enter the password and click "Login"

Send files from here

I tried to send about 132 MB of files.

Upload speed is like this. It is comfortable as it is about 1800 kilobytes per second on average.

However, it is told that it is up to 1000 KB for some reason. It's still a beta version, so it's a bug.

Since it can not be helped, I re-challenged with a file of about 803 KB and succeeded

The sending history will remain like this

Since the mail arrives at the recipient like this, access to the address

This page opens when you access it, so click "Agree and start downloading"

Click "Save" to download. Simple, there is no burden on the receiving side, it is a nice feeling.

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