YouTube, multiple uploads are possible and the maximum file size is 1 GB

According to an announcement from YouTube's official blog, multiple files can be uploaded at the same time, and the file size limit has changed from 100 MB to 1 GB so far.

The length of time is within 10 minutes is the same as before, but it is quite saved that the file size limit was relaxed. When taking a movie with a digital camera, the time may exceed 100 MB although it is less than 10 minutes, so I decided to re-encode with DivX to bother me to do it within 100 MB.

So, I tried to actually use it ... .... The result is from the following.
Multi-Video Upload Arrives

Installation is possible from the following page.


Click "Close"

Installation Complete

However, originallyThis pageIt should be possible to make multiple uploads from ... Is that it? error…?

Since it can not be helped, it reports a problem

Apparently it is not working properly outside the English environment. Sorry.

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