I actually skipped "Parrot Bebop 2" which can enjoy flying at the maximum of 25 minutes and aerial shooting & first-person name flight

It was released on March 24, 2016 "Parrot Bebop 2"Weighs just 500 grams, a new drone that made it possible to fly for up to 25 minutes, even at GIGAZINEPhoto review of the real machineHas been posted. Nevertheless, Drone was "blown away", so this time I brought out the actual machine outdoors and actually skipped it, I shot pictures and photos.

Parrot Bebop 2. "Ultra Flying Otomo" of a design that emphasizes ultra lightweight, compact and durability.

So I brought out with Bebop 2 and SkyController (Sky Controller). The iPad Air is set in the Sky controller, and the attached sun visor is attached.

This time I visited this is a large park on the top of the mountain. I chose a place where there are no private houses, big roads, power transmission lines etc in the surrounding area.

And the movie which contained the appearance that it actually skipped is a kore. It is possible to fly with little fluctuation, and it can be seen that there is almost no blur in the image.

I tried sky shooting by skipping "Parrot Bebop 2" - YouTube

When you press the takeoff button, the aircraft will float up with a light sound "Pun" and enter the hovering state.

Once in hovering condition, even if you release your hand from the controller, it is stable on the spot. This is thanks to the fact that it is equipped with a posture / position control system that measures the position of the aircraft by receiving the GPS and the motion with respect to the ground at 60 frames per second.

Flight while photographing the situation under the eyes. From the flying Bebop 2, the camera image is sent in real time via Wi-Fi, so the mood is just flying in the sky. The quality of the image sent to the tablet screen was not very good, but the time lag was sensuously less than 0.5 seconds, and if it was not so intense movement it was also possible to flight with reference to the screen image is. However, it is necessary to check with your own eyes in order to grasp the danger of the surroundings.

High stability makes it possible to fly in such trees.

Thanks to a camera equipped with a fisheye lens with an angle of view of 180 degrees, it is also possible to take pictures of the landscape directly underneath. As you raise and lower while looking at the bottom, it seems like it is like an illusion that it is realistically reproducing the movements of Google Maps.

It is also fun to see the movement of the car from above.

We were able to enjoy freely the impossible movement that climbs the mountain slope at once and go out to the sky.

The captured data is saved in the internal memory. In this way, by connecting with a USB cable, you can import and edit it by PC.

I think that it will be understood by one shot when the picture is seen, but the part that can say the real thrill of the aerial drone is that it is possible to photograph the landscape which was impossible at first up to now. The procedure to actually flight is as follows, but if you get used to it you can stand by in just 5 minutes.

◆ Preparation of application "FreeFlight 3"
In order to skip Bebop 2, a special application "FreeFlight 3So you need to install it on your smartphone or tablet in advance. The applicationIOS versionWhenAndroid versionThere are prepared, so if you choose according to the environment of each one OK. I will install it on iPad Air this time. Tap "Get".

Tap "Install"

When installation is completed, tap "Open" to start the application.

When the application starts up, use conditions are displayed, so tap "Accept".

When the application starts up, a screen prompting you to log in to the community "Drone Academy" targeting Parron's drone is displayed, but since you can login later, tap "Notify me later".

I will ask for permission to use location information, so tap "permission".

Also tap "OK" to access the photo folder and allow it.

This completes the installation and preparation of the application.

◆ Connection of Bebop 2 and Sky Controller, Tablet
When the application is ready, actually connect Bebop 2, Sky controller, and tablet.

Before turning on Bebop 2, install four propellers. With the battery removed, place the propeller on the motor and tighten it gently with the included tool.

Then install a battery. Firmly install until the tabs click.

Then press the power switch of the Bebop 2 power switch. Preparation is OK when the red lamp lights up.

Next, turn on the power of the Sky Controller. Automatically connects Bebop 2 and the Sky Controller.

Preparation is OK if all the indicator lamps of the Sky Controller are turned on. Next, connect the tablet to the Sky Controller.

We use Wi-Fi to connect with Sky Controller. Tap 'SkyController_ (number)' on the Wi-Fi setting screen ......

OK if connection is complete. Your flight is now ready.

Depending on the firmware version, the warning "Version too old" may be displayed as follows. In this case updating of the main unit is necessary.

Tap 'Check for updates' from the application's menu to download the firmware.

When you are asked to connect with Bebop 2 to update, tap "OK".

When "Are you sure you want to upgrade Drone?" Appears, tap "OK" to transfer the firmware to Bebop 2, and the version upgrade will start. The journey time is about 2 minutes.

When the application and firmware are ready, the flight starts. As soon as you connect with Bebop 2, images from the camera are displayed on the tablet screen.

To take off, press the Take off button with two triangles on the right hand thumb part of the Sky Controller, or tap "Takeoff" on the tablet screen.

Once you put into hovering, your posture will stabilize, so afterwards you can operate the lever in the direction you want to fly.

By the way, how to operate the Sky Controller is like this.

On the screen during flight using the Sky Controller, the speed from the bottom of the bottom, the ground level, the distance from the controller, the state of Bebop 2 and the GPS reception status, the display showing the Sky Controller and the remaining battery level of Bebop 2 You can check. And the circular display that is partly blue above it shows the center at your position and the direction in which Bebop 2 is relative to yourself and how far you are at that distance It is easy to find even if you lose sight of the aircraft in the wide sky.

This time I tried Sky Controller to skip Bebop 2, but it is possible to do the same operation as well as tablet or smartphone. Nevertheless, there is a sense of security that can not be said whilst feeling while feeling the physical stick and button feeling, so you should get it without hesitation if you are wondering whether to purchase the Sky Controller. Once it is used, it becomes a terrible device that it can not return to the screen operation of the tablet. In addition, there seems to be a merit that the flight range extends to 2 km by using the Sky Controller.

This time, I tried basic flight and aerial shots. Although this alone was able to fully enjoy it, in the future Bebop 2 will automatically fly the flight route which decided in advance "Flight planWe are planning to try out features such as "Please look forward to here as well.

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