4 K drone 'Parrot ANAFI' hasty review that folds and can be carried anywhere

Parrot will release the portable drone " ANAFI " which can be stored in a carrying case by folding and carrying anywhere on August 3, 2018. DJI 's popular Porter bull drone " Mavic Air " boasts the world' s largest share in the drones, and ANAFI, which is an opponent, was immediately skipped and its ability was measured.

ANAFI | Parrot Store Official

◆ Opening · Appearance check
ANAFI is in a white box.

When opening the box, the case and the controller (propo) appeared.

In the carrying case of elongated fabric material ......

ANAFI was firmly settled.

Furthermore, Type - C USB cable and microSD adapter can be stored under the drone body.

Inside of the box, case, drone body, propo, USB cable, replacement propeller, SD card adapter, Super Quick guide, instructions. Since the charger is not attached, it must be prepared separately.

8 replacement propellers are included, and a dedicated wrench for detachment was also included.

All Super Quick Guide is an illustration and a simple thing to explain how to use it. "Charging" → "Application download" → "Install smartphone" → "Turn on the drones" → "Press the takeoff button of the propo", you can understand the flow of the operation somewhat.

Instructions are multilingualized, of course with Japanese notation. However, this is a general safety guide on Drone's flight, and there was no explanation about the drone setting or flight method.

· ANAFI body - ANAFI taken from the case. It is in a slender state by folding the arm.

When ANAFI is folded, the length is 244 mm × width 67 mm. Compared to iPhone X like this.

The weight was 315 g, which is lower than the nominal value (320 g).

When I spread the folded arm ... ...

It became a quad co-operative appearance. Compared to the previous two arms, the back two arms are longer.

It is like this when put on the hand.

The stand under the rotor is made lighter by the meat punching.

The stand itself is made of rubber.

A black protection cap is attached to the white camera unit.

When the cap was removed, a lens of 21K pixel camera corresponding to 4K appeared. 1 / 2.4 CMOS sensor is carried, it supports lossless 2.8 times zoom and HDR shooting.

I turned it over. Because the 3-axis gimbal rotates the camera 180 degrees up and down, it is possible to take not only the downward direction but also the upward direction from the sky.

Both of the arm's pels are free to move.

When turning over, the bottom of the main unit is an LED light, a fan for the main body cooling, a camera, an ultrasonic sensor.

Battery with power button and indicator is mounted on the back of the main unit.

"ANAFI" logo on the side.

SB Type-C port for charging at the tail.

You can remove the battery by sliding it backward while pressing the button of the main unit.

When removing the battery, a microSD card slot appeared in the center of the main unit.

Metal parts are like lids, locking when you slide up, close it, slide down to unlock it. Because this sliding direction is opposite to the general direction, I feel difficult to use until I get used to it.

The SanDisk microSD with a capacity of 16 GB was attached to the ANAFI main unit.

Battery capacity is 2700 mAh.

Removing the battery is very easy, so you can quickly replace it with a spare battery.

· Propo
ANAFI's propo is of two stick types.

The tip of the stick is made of rubber and has a shape that is not slippery.

Indicator on center left side of main unit

With buttons on the top of the prop and two USB ports, Type-C and Type-A. Type-C is for charging, Type-A is for connecting with a smartphone.

Button on the top. For those who operate with the right hand, the camera's recording / stop button and the zoom lever.

Focus button and camera tilt lever on the left hand side.

Put your hands in the dent on the back ... ...

You can set up a smartphone holder. In addition, this holder doubles ON / OFF of the power supply of the propo.

When you set up the holder, it is "Home button" and "takeoff and landing button" that attract ANAFI in the center in emergency.

◆ Setup <br> First we charge ANAFI. In addition, charging is possible even with the battery attached to the drone body.

Subsequently, the propo is also charged.

In order to pilot ANAFI, you need to install the following application " FreeFlight 6 " on the smartphone. FreeFlight 6 is compatible with both Android and iOS.

FreeFlight 6 - Apps on Google Play

FreeFlight 6 on the App Store

This time I installed the application on the iPhone and tried using it. When the application is started for the first time, the location information will be confirmed, so tap "permission".

Since the terms of use are displayed, scroll downwards ......

Tap "I agree".

Check "No" and tap "Continue".

Follow the screen, turn on the power to the controller → connect the smartphone and controller → turn on the power of the drone.

Basically, you can go as you go to the screen. Pairing with smartphone and ANAFI is done by selecting SSID on Wi-Fi and entering password.

SSID and password are affixed to the special case with a seal.

Firmware update has appeared on the way, so update will be done. Tap "Continue".

Then just wait for the update to proceed.

Sending firmware to drone. Basically just wait and OK.

Firmware update is completed.

When the firmware update is completed, initial setting of drones. Tap "Perform calibration".

Follow the instructions on the screen, rotate the drone in three axial directions to calibrate.

After completion, tap "OK".

This is the top screen of FreeFlight 6. "Connected" is displayed in green at the top of the screen, and if the icons of "Drone", "SD card", "Propo" are green, it is in the flying state.

◆ I skipped it
· Smartphone setting - Check the setting items lightly before flying the drone. Tap "Gear" icon at the top right of the screen.

First is "interface". Setting screen that also serves as a description of the operation of the propo. Of course the stick operation is customizable.

Tap 'Pilot' on the left tab. You can select the "FILM" mode that emphasizes stability and the "SPORT" mode which emphasizes flight performance. In each mode, flight setting can be finely customized.

Tap "Security" on the left tab. You can limit the flight range by setting "Maximum altitude" or "Maximum distance". Security is off by default.

By tapping "Camera" on the left tab, you can set the camera.

Tap the "Wi-Fi" icon on the left tab and the connected band will be displayed.

· I tried skipping in FILM mode, so I will skip it at once. Tap "Flying" on the top screen.

Once the camera image is displayed it is ready. If you press the propo "takeoff and landing button", the drone takes off and hovers on the spot.

Take it out of your bag and see how you jump ANAFI in just one minute can be confirmed in the following movie.

Take out Portable Drones "Parrot ANAFI" and let it fly in 1 minute - YouTube

ANAFI is quite stable, despite its compact and lightweight drones. Even with beginners in the drones, it's easy to sky-capture, especially because it shows stable hovering even in strong wind conditions. Furthermore, if you get used to maneuvering, you will move from "FILM" mode to "SPORT" mode. Depending on the setting up to 55 km / h maximum, exhilarating flight is possible.

· Camera steering
ANAFI can rotate the camera up and down by 90 degrees in total 180 degrees, you can shoot not just directly downward but also directly above. You can see how to make the camera face up with the propo slider in the following movie.

A port bull drone 'Parrot ANAFI' facing the camera directly above - YouTube

It is very convenient to be able to shoot just under ... ... but it does not come across scenes shooting directly above. If you can take advantage of the advantage of being able to capture the top of the image, it will not be that much.

· I tried skipping at FPV
ANAFI corresponds to the FPV mode which flying on the smartphone screen.

I got ANAFI in the sky from the observatory and took a walk in the air. The takeoff scene from the observatory is from the following movie.

Taking off the portable drones "Parrot ANAFI" from the observation platform in FPV mode - YouTube

A 4K movie taken of ANAFI in FPV mode looks something like this.

I tried a 4K aerial photograph with FPV at Portable Drones "Parrot ANAFI" - YouTube

◆ Impressions - I felt that I flew 4 batteries and it felt as follows.

First of all, the most impressive point is that "battery is quite possessed". It shows the rice stick of a battery like a phrase "flying time of 25 minutes". Although it is a long flight time with a nominal value than Mavic Air, ANAFI seems to have the advantage as it is. Actual measurement The weight saving effect of 315 g is outstanding.

The flight performance is also good due to its light weight, and moves in the Sport mode. In addition, the stability at hovering is outstanding, and it is easy for beginners to be able to handle the point that it is strong against winds and stable even though it is lightweight unexpectedly. In the FPV mode, when the ANAFI aircraft flew to a level where it was not visible, there was a scene where the radio waves did not reach and the smartphone image was disturbed, but since the video was never interrupted completely, I could calmly find the way back .

However, regarding the reflection of the camera, it is a distinctive hue. This does not change even in the HDR mode, and with pure camera performance it feels like the army will rise to Mavic Air. However, it is also possible to shoot just below and above, and the point that it has 2.8 times the lossless zoom (1.4 times at 4 K) is very convenient and it seems to be useful.

Since the operation of the application "FreeFlight 6" is not yet refined, we often see scenes where cooperation with ANAFI does not go well, so I'd like to expect optimization in the future.

At North American price Mavic Air is 799 dollars versus ANAFI 699 dollars and 100 dollars (about 11 thousand yen) difference. The collision avoidance function of Mavic Air is enough for $ 100, so there seems to be much room to worry about. However, in Japan price, ANAFI is 80,122 yen including tax, while Mavic Air is a difference of more than 20,000 yen from 104,000 yen including tax. With this price difference, the choice of choosing ANAFI seems to be a great ant.

ANAFI is scheduled to be released on August 3, 2018, and reservations are being accepted at Amazon.co.jp with a charge of 80,162 yen (free shipping).

Amazon.co.jp: 【Domestic Genuine】 Parrot ANAFI Drone Ultra Compact Flying 4K HDR Camera PF728005: Camera

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