Parrot announces the folding drones "ANAFI" with 4K HDR camera, and the price is less than 90,000 yen with the opponent of DJI Maciv Air

A folding drone with a 4K HDR camera mounted on a gimbal that rotates 180 degrees and capable of taking lossless zoom shooting of 2.8 times at the maximumANAFI"Parrot announced. As Parrot"Parrot Bebop 2" in 2016Since the announcement of the new model for the first time in about two years since then, it is regarded as an opponent of the compact folding droning "Mavic Air" handled by DJI.

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ANAFI is a new drone, Parrot announced with full development over the development period of two years. The 21-megapixel 4K HDR camera mounted on the nose is mounted on Parrot's proprietary 3 axis shake prevention · 180 degree tilt gimbal, and can shoot using lossless zoom up to 2.8 times (1.4 times at 4 K) is. Propeller is newly developed, realizing a significant noise reduction compared to the conventional model. It is possible to fly for 25 minutes and use artificial intelligence to use the automatic flight mode, it is possible to shoot magnificent shots like drone.

An angle that shows that it has a structure in which four arms extend from a slim body. Since it carries a 180 degree gimbal, you can see that the camera is facing directly above.

By being able to face directly above, it is possible to target the subject from the angle directly below like this.

When folded it becomes very compact, it can be carried and carried in a special case.

The size of the main body is about to ride in the palm even when the arm is expanded. Although detailed dimension values ​​are not clarified at the time of article creation, it is said that the weight of the aircraft is only 320 grams by using carbon fibers and glass microbeads for the structure. This is well below the actual measurement value of "432 grams" of DJI Mavic Air.

ANAFI's controller is designed to use the iPhone that installed "FreeFlight 6" application or the Android smartphone. On the screen of the smartphone, images of ANAFI-equipped cameras are projected, so that easy-to-understand operation using the screen of the smartphone is made possible. "Recve", "Epic", "Rise" and "360 °" in the shooting mode are equipped with four modesCineShots"Feature allows you to shoot a variety of shots including auto tracking, and you can also use the" SELPHY shooting "mode to accommodate the destination landscape.

ANAFI can withstand the wind of 16.6 meters per second at maximum and in the sports mode it achieves a maximum speed of 55 km / h. The drones have dual band antennas (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) on each leg, enabling operation from HD video streaming and points up to 4 km away.

The set contents of the product are as follows. Although it fits very compactly, it is a place to worry a little about the possibility that it is necessary to carry the controller separately, perhaps.

At the time of article creation, the price was not posted on Parrot's Japanese site, but the reservation reception has begun at Amazon at 81,630 yen. Rival machine DJI Mavic Air'sPrice on official websiteIt is less than the 104,000 yen of the year. 【Domestic Genuine】 Parrot ANAFI Drone Ultra Compact Flying 4 KHDR Camera PF728005: Camera

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