Apple 's robot "Liam" to disassemble and recycle the iPhone automatically takes a job with Bari Bali

4 inch new model "IPhone SE"And 9.7 inches new model"IPad ProApple's appearedNew product launchSo, Apple emphasized efforts on the environment including renewable energy projects. At the recital meeting, "Liam" of recycling robot which disassembles the iPhone automatically is introduced, and movies containing the appearance of disassembling the iPhone with amazing speed are released.

Recycle - Apple (Japan)

The appearance that Liam actually disassembling iPhone can be confirmed from the following movie.

Liam - Innovation Story - YouTube

An iPhone put on the table will flow from the top of the screen.

Stop when you come to the prescribed position.

Then something is overhead ... ...

I took out only the iPhone from the pedestal.

It is Liam of an automatic disassembly recycling robot that lifted iPhone as much as to say Doya.

Move Vienna and Arm ... ...

Bring it in front of some equipment.

Pushing and pushing the iPhone to the device and pulling it, only the display was removed.

Liam will disassemble the iPhone that is no longer needed.

Detect parts to take out by hitting iPhone to sensor.

If you show the iPhone to the sensor, immediately go to the next task.

The screwdriver rotates with the queen ......

The screw we got climbed up the tube ......


The next thing to disassemble ...

SIM card slot.

Sandwich the SIM card slot and pull it out.

Also go to recycle SIM card slot.

This time a strong sucker ......

Remove only the case that was inside the iPhone body.

This is also recycled.

From the battery ......

Separation of cobalt and lithium.

Remove the camera ......

It separates gold and copper in the camera.

Silver and platinum are extracted from the main logic board.

Logic board peeled off.

Thanks to Liam's automatic disassembly, the worn-out iPhone material will be revived.

It was Liam who threw the remaining case and popped it.

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Actually hold hands with "iPhone SE" which can be operated in one hand and operate it and feel it like this - GIGAZINE

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