Microsoft suggested online cross platform play of Xbox and PS4, Sony's answer?


"Microsoft deploying online service" Xbox Live "on Xbox One will allow players on different platforms to play together on the Internet"Cross-network play"On the official blog. In the official blog, a public invitation letter that encourages participation by Sony and other companies that are developing PSN in PlayStation has been released, and Sony which is invited gives an answer about cross network play.

Sony Responds to Microsoft's Invite to Connect Xbox One and PS4 Networks - GameSpot

A Letter from Chris Charla: ID @ Xbox Updates and GDC - Xbox Wire

Microsoft announced cross-network play on the official blog on March 14, 2016 according to the GDC 2016 being held. The first of cross-network play compatible games operates radio control to play soccerRocket League"is. The rocket league is distributed for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and you can cooperate and play online online with Xbox Live, PSN, Steam respectively.

PSN and Steam could cross-play the rocket league, but Xbox Live did not correspond to cross play. But Microsoft announced on the official blog that it will support cross-platform play on Xbox Live and Steam in the rocket league and also invited other networks to "participate in cross platform play". Not only Xbox Live and Steam, but also PSN deploying Sony, they called for participation in cross-network play.

It was attracting attention as to how Sony responds to Microsoft's invitation, but when GameSpot of game related media asked Sony for comment, the company announced the official statement. Sony "PlaStation has started with" Final Fantasy XI "released for PS 2 / PC in 2002, has supported cross-platform play with PC with a lot of software, any publisher interested in cross platform play I'd love to talk to each other and developers happily, "he commented and showed a positive attitude towards Xbox Live and PSN's cross platform.

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Sony is a PS4 and a PC, Microsoft has deployed crossplay with Xbox Live and Windows 10, but there was nothing to be able to cross-play on PS4 and Xbox One. Looking forward, what kind of discussions will be held between Microsoft and Sony will draw attention.

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