Microsoft's online service `` Xbox Live '' fails and online multiplayer etc. will not function

by Arturo Rey

The failure of Xbox Live , an online service for Xbox provided by Microsoft, caused the purchase of download items that require an Internet connection and online multiplayer to stop functioning. The failure has been recovered at the time of writing the article, and it took more than 4 hours to recover from the problem.

Xbox Live Is Down, Microsoft Is Working On The Issue-GameSpot

At 9:23 on September 7, 2019 in Japan time, the official Twitter account of Xbox Support said, “Our team is aware of errors in signing in and is currently investigating. And the recovery status will be updated on the following page. 'Tweeted and reported to the user that Xbox Live failed. There are about 20,000 replies from Xbox users to this tweet, and the importance of the matter is well communicated.

Xbox Live for Xbox One, Xbox 360, Xbox on Windows 10 and other devices are affected by the failure that occurred in Xbox Live, and the affected services are `` Sign in to Xbox Live, purchase download items '' Is listed.

Games that mainly support online multiplayer, etc. can not be played, users with early access rights of Gears 5 where online multiplay is the main game, Fort Knight users etc. can not play games Pattern.

Around 13:30, when more than 4 hours have passed since Xbox support reported the failure, Xbox reported that the sign-in and Xbox Live service seems to have improved, and reported that the failure has been recovered. It is.

Fortnite, which also provides services for Xbox, reported that Xbox login, download sales, and online matching issues have been resolved before Xbox Support reports failure recovery! It is.

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