Hacker group "Phantom Squad" performs Christmas DDoS attack on online game

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On online gaming network on Christmas dayDDoS attackA group of hackers who had predicted to doPhantom Squad"It seems that the attack actually went down, a situation where the server of electronic art (EA) which seems to have been attacked temporarily goes down has occurred.

Phantom Squad Starts Christmas DDoS Attacks by Taking Down EA Servers

Phantom Squad announced on the Christmas Eve at around 17 o'clock that it was his own account, "Today is a big day, XBL (Xbox Live) and PSN will be down!"

Electronic Arts (EA), which seems to have been affected, announced the situation of trouble on Twitter at 23:30 on Christmas Eve. I was murmuring how I was working on restoring access faults.

It seems that access trouble was occurring even at the time of 0 o'clock on the 25th when the day changed.

The trouble seemed to be solved after 1 o'clock, and recovery was announced at 1:13 tweet.

It seems that access trouble was diffused even by tweets of users. In the following tweets, screens that could not connect to the server are tweeted.

The relationship with Phantom Squad is unknown, but in Japan it is also announced that access trouble occurred around 20:20 on December 24th and the next 25th at 8:18 am.

It should be noted, it is also a failure occurs in the early morning of December 18 in Xbox Live, which will Phantom Squad had put out a crime statement. The actual relevance is unknown, Phantom Squad has launched an attack at around 18 days 7, it has announced that it has stopped the attack around 9:00.

It is unknown what the Phantom Squad attacked for. Twitter accounts are murmuring content "Xbox and PSN need better security;]".

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