"Automatic water polka-dot creation machine that can create sexy images of frosted glass style by automatically identifying swimwear and face and generating watercolor colored images

Under the authors' belief that 'it is a holy night', we automatically recognize the swimsuit and the human face automatically, and draw a circle along the mark to generate a sexy polka dot pattern imageFull automatic polka dot creation machine"Has appeared.

Full automatic polka dot creation machine - onk.ninja

The fully automatic polka dot collagen machine first recognizes the swimsuit part in the image automatically.

The bathing suit is hidden, in a form that the face, shoulder, navel is visibleCircle fillingDoing, it automatically generates sexy images that make the skin look and hide with a polka dot pattern.

However, since it is automatic recognition, for example in the image below the face of the lower right sand beach has been recognized.

The generated image looks like the following.

As a mechanism, as a result of trial and error, by switching to the technique "assume that swimsuits with high saturation in the image are swimwear, excluding those that are too dark or too bright" It seems that the judgment has become effective.

Automatic recognition of the face area was "solved by two lines with OpenCV left".

According to the author onk, according to the author's onk's analysis of the research of the great predecessors, in order to make a beautiful polka dot, "Hide all swimwear" "Face must be sure In addition to the standard rule "do not overlap the polka dots" "The number of the polka dots is at most 15, the less the better the smaller the better," besides the standard rule, "Make sure the holes are not aligned on a straight line (hidden "The area looks like a swimsuit and the" likeness "is diminished." "Show the shoulder and neck (I can emphasize the body line, it seems more complete," "I can show the valley / jaw (" It is difficult to show how to show the constriction, so by emptying the circle from the upper right and the upper left, it seems that "I expected only to contain the shoulder as much as possible".

However, it is regrettable that it was impossible to show the valley by making the swimsuit area convex hull in order to simplify the process.

Also, using OpenCV's "inpaint" operation, Onk, who realized that it was possible to remove selected areas and use nearby pixels and fill it with a good feeling, said onk, "Remove bathing suits" "If it is possible to express the foggy glass ... ... and so on the following image.

The source code of fully automatic polka dot creation machine is released free of charge on GitHub.

Onk / auto_circle_collage · GitHub

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