'Xbox Network (formerly Xbox Live)' goes into a major outage for over 10 hours

It was reported that the network service ' Xbox Network ' for Xbox, which can use games, TV programs, apps, etc., was in a large-scale outage from the early morning of May 7, 2022 Japan time.

The Xbox Network should be back up, but some users are still reporting issues | Windows Central

Xbox Live recovers from an outage lasting several hours --The Verge

On May 7, many Xbox network users began reporting 'games are inaccessible,' raising suspicion that the Xbox network was down. The Xbox support team also confirmed the issue and tweeted at 5:46 on the same day, 'We are aware of the issue and are investigating it.'

User-reported issues include 'I can't buy games, DLC, etc. from the Microsoft Store' or 'I can't access my game subscriptions, Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass.' All of these were affected by the Xbox network outage, and immediate resolution of the issue was awaited.

One hour and 42 minutes after the initial report, the support team tweeted, 'Users should be able to complete the purchase process again. We are still investigating issues related to game launch and cloud gaming sessions.'

At 16:11 on the same day, the support team reported that all users were able to launch the game and start cloud sessions.

However, hours after the above report, some users will start reporting again problems starting or connecting to cloud sessions. The support team tweeted again, 'We are still investigating.'

At 14:30 on May 8th, the support team reported that 'problems with purchase processing, game launches, and cloud sessions have been resolved.'

In addition, the support team cites 'restarting the main unit' as a workaround if the problem continues to occur.

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