Finally Nintendo 2DS will be released at a price that cuts 10,000 yen in Japan, with the first Pokemon

"Nintendo released on October 12, 2013 in North America and Europe"Nintendo 2DSFinally it will be released in Japan as well. For Nintendo 2DS for Japan, the virtual console of the first Pocket Monster is preinstalled.

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Nintendo 2DS "Pokemon Red, Green, Blue, Pikachu" Limited Pack released! | Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console Software "Pokémon Red, Green, Blue, Pikachu" Official Site

Nintendo 2DS is a cheap version of Nintendo 3DS, without 3D display, which is not a shape to fold like 3DS, but the main body is a monaural speaker. Even if it is a low-priced version, you can play 3DS game titles that have already been released with 2D display, and you can also play DS and DSi games.

There are two screens of Nintendo 2DS, but unlike 3DS, the liquid crystal itself is one sheet, and covering the unnecessary part with the cover makes it two screens. The size is 127 × 144 × 20.3 mm, and when we include the battery pack · touch pen · SD card weighs about 260 g. The upper screen is a 400 × 200 3.53 wide liquid crystal, and the lower screen has a 320 × 240 3.02 type touch input function.

On the back side like this, external camera, touch pen holder, SD card slot are loaded.

Nintendo 2DS released in Japan is a limited pack of "Pokemon Red, Green, Blue, Pikachu" preinstalled with the original Pokemon virtual console, the suggested retail price is 9980 yen, the release date is February 27, 2016 It is day.

The color is four kinds of clear red, clear green, clear blue, clear yellow.

Limited pack is a Nintendo 2DS main body and 1GB SDHC memory card saved with the original Pokemon according to the body color, 1 Town Map, Town Map, Original Theme and Phantom Pokemon 'Mew' Present Code, 'Miu' Exchange Ticket , Original sticker is attached.

According to Nintendo, although it is possible to move from Nintendo 3DS / 3DS LL to Nintendo 2DS, it is impossible to move from New Nintendo 3DS / New 3DS LL. Nintendo 3DS series peripherals can use AC adapter, Nintendo 3DS NFC reader / writer, etc, but 3DS series main body charge base · 3DS series main body expansion slide pad · Scissors plate can not be used.

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