Google announces "Google Analytics 360 Suite" to make access analysis even more powerful


A tool group that strongly supports the marketing of corporations and corporations by further strengthening and adding functions of Google Analytics Premium "Google Analytics 360 Suite"Google announced.

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The tool group consists of the following six.

Analytics 360

Analytics 360 is the core of the tool. Conventionally "Google Analytics Premium"It is planned to add more new functions in the next few months. We are integrating with other Google related advertising related services and analyze customer data to measure marketing effectiveness.

Tag Manager 360

"Google Tag ManagerExistence like the successor to. Modern global marketing is a tool that gives the power of corporate marketers to quickly perform user behavior tracking and tag management because speed is life.

Optimize 360(Beta version)

Tools for A / B testing and personalization, where marketers can show customers various patterns of the site and show which version is the best.

Attribution 360

Google bought it in 2014AdometryHowever, the tool that was fully rebuilt. Performance analysis across terminals and systems to help optimize decision on marketing related matters.

Audience Center 360(Beta version)

It is a data management platform (DMP) that also supports Google · DoubleClick · other third party ad delivery platforms and data providers.

Data Studio 360(Beta version)

I am in charge of data analysis and its visualization. You can integrate and display the data of each tool of 360 Suite and share it.BigQueryIt is also integrated.

With these tools you can grasp how visitors to your site are moving, share results, and take appropriate actions according to the results.

At the moment three of the three are clearly indicated as beta and Tag Manager 360 is under limited beta testing and users using Google Analytics premium and Adometry are expected to be invited to beta test in the next few months .

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