Real-time measurement of Wi-Fi speed free of charge, "Cloudcheck" that can check and manage all information of connected terminals

There are many factors that can be considered when Wi-Fi is not suddenly connected, so it is very difficult to isolate the problem for investigating the cause. In such a case, it is possible not only to easily measure the speed of Wi-Fi, but also to display the speed change in accordance with the place in real time even while traveling, the information of all the terminals connected to the Wi-Fi router knows the whole, A multi-function Wi-Fi environment measurement application "It is also possible to stop the connection of the terminal and display individual advice about problematic network"Cloudcheck"Has become a very useful application not only for Wi-Fi troubleshooting but also for maintaining a good environment.

CloudCheck - Better, Faster Internet.

Cloudcheck - Android application on Google Play

Cloudcheck on the App Store

CloudCheck is compatible with both Android and iOS. Since I use iPhone 6s this time, in the App Store "CloudcheckSearch "and tap" Get ".

Tap "Install".

Tap "Open" to launch the application.

Since you can ask for permission to use location information at the first launch of the application, it is OK if you tap "Do not approve".

Cloudcheck's top screen looks something like this.

First, we will simply measure the speed of the Wi - Fi network to which the iPhone 6s is connected. Tap "Start Test".

NEC 's Wi - Fi router "Aterm WG 1800 HPThe network line itself, the network between the router and the terminal seems to be good.

Tap the hamburger icon on the top left of the top screen ......

A menu will appear.

Tap "Wi - Fi SweetSpots" that can display the Wi - Fi network speed in real time.

Tap "Start" ......

A real-time figure of the Wi-Fi network speed of the place is displayed in the graph.

By walking around the room with a smartphone in "Wi-Fi SweetSpots" mode, you can easily check how far Wi-Fi will arrive, where it's hard to reach Wi-Fi, etc. from the graph.

CloudCheck has a "Smartifi" mode that allows you to manage the line status of all the terminals connected to the corresponding router at once. Tap "Smartifi".

Tap "Got it".

Wait for a while as initial setting starts.

However, since Aterm WG 1800 HP is not compatible, an error indication has come out. The correspondence router at the time of article creation seems to stay at some Wi - Fi routers of ASUS and Huawei.

That's why ASUS's "Smartifi compatible"RT-AC68U"To find the terminal to connect. Connect iPhone 6s to the Wi - FI network of RT - AC68U, activate Smartifi mode, and tap "Allow".

It seems necessary to log in to use Smartifi. Besides creating a new Cloudcheck account and logging in, you can also log in using your Facebook account. To create a Cloudcheck account, tap "Sign Up".

After entering your email address, account name, password (twice), tap "Sign Up".

I was told that a confirmation email was sent to the email address you entered.

Opening a mail sent from Cloudcheck and accessing the link of the mail body ... ....

Your account has been authenticated and activated.

Return to the Cloudcheck application again and tap "Log In".

Enter the administrator name and password set for the Wi - Fi router and tap "Log In".

Tap "Continue" ......

As the search starts, wait for a while.

The network information of the Wi - Fi router (Network Summary) and the device information connected to the router are displayed in "Devices" in a matter of seconds. The terminal network speed seems to be able to display the average value over the last 7 days.

Tap "Wireless Router" at the top right of the screen ......

The SSID of the router and basic information of the wireless LAN are displayed.

Also, when you tap a terminal connected to the Wi - Fi router displayed in Devices ......

The network information of the terminal is displayed. Tap "Extra info" ...

Detailed information on the terminal's network connection is displayed.

Tap "Re-establish Link" on the network information screen of the terminal to reconnect.

Also, tap "Block Device" ......

You can stop the connection of that terminal to the network. It seems to demonstrate its power in cases such as terminals that are not well understood.

In the Network Summary screen, there is a function to advise individual failure, such as when there is a problem with the network. If there is advice, a green or orange information icon is displayed.

For example, when you tap the name of the terminal on which the information icon "i" is displayed ... ...

Advice saying "As the distance to the Wi-Fi router is too far so that it can be close" was displayed.

It also informs you that the state of Wi-Fi connection is getting worse, such as an orange "WARNING" icon, Wi-Fi connection mode is set to a low-speed old mode .

"Cloudcheck" is very convenient because it can grasp the network environment of the terminal connected to the router in one shot if it is a compatible Wi-Fi router. Also, even if no compatible Wi-Fi router is available, you can easily check the network line speed and check the partial network speed of the room, so it seems to be very useful for creating a good Wi-Fi network environment.

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