I tried to report cleaning completion by command & email on rumba using IFTTT on Twitter

IFTTT(EFT)Speaking of the word, as represented by the first letter of "if this then that", by setting a combination of "trigger" corresponding to "This" and "action" corresponding to That, linking devices, web services, etc. It is a web service to operate. Cleaning robot "Rumba" corresponded to IFTTT, so that when the owner goes out, they can be automatically cleaned up, and after the cleaning is over, Twitter · Facebook, etc. can be notified. So, I tried to rumba, using IFTTT, to instruct the start of cleaning and to automatically perform e-mail notification after the end.

Do more with iRobot - IFTTT

Actually using IFTTT, you can confirm the start of cleaning by the tweet of the room and the completion notification by e-mail in the movie below. Cleaning is terminated by forcibly cleaning from "iRobot HOME" and returning to the dock makes it in the same state as normal termination.

I instructed the cleaning from the Twitter to the rumba and let me notify the completion by mail after the end - YouTube

◆ Preparation

·Things to prepare
The thing I use this time is cleaning up every day in the editorial department "Rumba 980And iPhone 8 for installing IFTTT.

· Installation and registration of IFTTT

First, install the necessary application on iPhone 8. Access the following URL.

IFTTT on the App Store

Tap the "cloud" mark. If you have never installed it in the past, "Get" button will be displayed.

When installation is completed, tap "Open".

The "IFTTT" application opens and the tour screen is displayed, so swipe twice in the left direction.

"IFTTT" can be registered and logged in with Google account or Facebook account. Here we assume that you do not have Google and Facebook accounts, register your account with a regular scheme, and log in. Tap 'sign up'.

Next, enter the e-mail address in "Email", the password to register in "Password", tap "Sign up" button, installation of "IFTTT" is over.

· Installing iRobot HOME

Next, install "iRobot HOME" application which remotely operates the room. Please access the following URL ......

iRobot HOME on the App Store

Tap the "cloud" mark. If you have never installed it, install it from the "Obtain" button.

Tap "Open" ......

"IRobot HOME" opens and the selection screen for the country of residence is displayed, so tap "I agree with the contract".

The account creation screen appears. Tap "Create account".

On the My Account screen, enter the name in "Name", the surname in "Last Name", the country of residence in "Country", the mail address to be registered in "Mail Address", "Password" and "Password Confirmation" Tap "Create account".

As the notification setting screen is displayed, tap "Allow".

On the additional screen of the robot, tap "Roomba" ......

Tap "Rumba 980" already set up in the editing department.

The screen for setting connection with the Rumba 980 will be displayed.

Now, press and hold the "Dock" button for about 2 seconds, then release ...

Tap "Next" on the connection setting screen.

Prepare is completed when the operation screen of the rumba is displayed.

◆ Setting for linking Rumba and IFTTT

· Start sweeping the room with a tweet

First of all, try using the recipe prepared by IFTTT, using the "recipe" combination of the chance and action. Open the "IFTTT" application and tap the "Search" button.

Enter "irobot" in the input form and tap on the iRobot panel.

As the recipe list screen is displayed, tap "Tweet to start a cleaning job".

Tap "Turn on".

Since "IFTTT requires iRobot and Twitter access right", tap "OK".

As the iRobot login screen is displayed, enter the e-mail address and password you registered with "iRobot HOME" and tap "Login" button.

Subsequently, the screen of Twitter is displayed and "IFTTT permission to use the account?" Is displayed, so enter "E-mail address or user name" and "Password" registered on Twitter , Tap "Authentication button" "cooperative application".

"Do you open this page with" IFTTT "?" Is displayed, so tap "Open" ... ....

By default, if you insert a hashtag of "#start_roomba" into tweet, you can start cleaning at rumba. In this case, do not change the hashtag setting, tap "Save".

As "Are you sure you want to send a notification?" Is displayed, tap "Permit" ... ....

The tweet containing the hashtag "#start_roomba" triggered the setting to start cleaning at the room.

· Notify by e-mail after cleaning of the room

In the prepared recipe, there is nothing that notifies us by e-mail with the actions of Rumba as a trigger. So I will make recipe myself. Tap "New Applet" in iRobot's recipe list.

As the trigger you can choose is like "cleaning done" only, tap "Mission Complete".

Tap "Next".

Tap "that" ......

Enter "email" in the search form and tap "Email".

Tap "Send me an email".

The creation screen of "mail template" to be sent after cleaning is displayed. Because I want to leave a history of when I finished in the title of the mail ...

In the title of the e-mail, enter "I finished sweeping at the time stamp (date and time)", I entered "Cleaning of the rumba was over" in the main text of the e-mail, I will do my best again today! ", Then tap" Next " .

As the setting completion screen is displayed, tap "Finish". You can notify by email after cleaning is completed.

Actually, it is a movie at the beginning of the article that instructs the start of cleaning on Twitter and sending mail after the cleaning is finished. If you actually start cleaning, Rumba will not come back to the dock for a while. Therefore, we forcibly terminate the cleaning from the application of "iRobot HOME", return it to the dock, let me notify the e-mail that the cleaning has ended normally.

I instructed the cleaning from the Twitter to the rumba and let me notify the completion by mail after the end - YouTube

The recipe prepared by IFTTT for Rumba has a variety of "opportunities" such as "cleaning before the event" and "cleaning when the master goes out". However, recipes can not be set for triggers such as "When an error occurs" because only "completion of cleaning" can be set as "Trigger" when creating recipes by oneself. I expect this place in the future. People using Rumba that is compliant with IoT are sure to be active in a variety of usage scenarios, such as having them clean in preparation for a sudden visitor from the outside, so I think that it is ant to try using IFTTT.

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