It turned out that the time parents spend on children increased by a factor of 50 years ago, except France

A survey of families conducted in Western countries revealed that modern parents spend more time for their children than they used to.

Parents now spend twice as much time with their children as 50 years ago - Daily chart

This result was published in economic newspaper "Economist" and it is a graph that tracks how many minutes a father and mother spends for a child for a month and changes in time from the 1960s to the present age Has been created.

It is the one which the mother charts the time used by the child by country. For each country, the results are shown with "Bachelor Degree" (Navy) and "Non-Bachelor Degree" (Light Blue). It turned out that the graph has risen to the right in almost all countries, 50 years ago in the average of all countries54 minutesIt was time for children, in 2012104 minutesThe data has been clarified that it increased. But the only exception is France. Both college graduates and non-university graduates have shown very characteristic results that graphs are consistently dropping from 50 years ago.

The situation is almost the same even if you try to graph your father's data. This time the graph shows rising upwards in all countries including France, but only the graph of non-university graduates in Slovenia is decreasing slightly. Interestingly, the average time spent by children for children is 50 years ago16 minutesFrom59 minutesIt seems to be said that it is said that it shows growth rate more than mother. In modern times that it is said that couple's way of life will change, we can see social changes from such a place as well.

The results of this survey are included in the article on "special report on marriage" published by Economist. The article can be read from the following link.

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