Ikura is eating a salmon don bowl while being cooked with a seafood parent and child bowl

In October 2015The first seafood bowl "Natural dumpling bowl"The second seafood bowl of the rice came out from Wednesday, February 17,Salmon rice bowl". It was luxurious that not only salmon but also salmon eggs are on rice bowls because parent and child rice bowls are in Uriba or rice.

Salmon rice bowl | Naka's products | Rice bowl and Kyoto style Udon no Uki

When I arrived at the shop, most notice was supposed to be "salmon rice".

Salmon rice bowl is an in-store limited menu that can not be taken out, an average of 690 yen including tax, mini 450 yen including tax. This time I ordered the same size.

Because it is a ticket system, I bought a ticket, seated and handed out a food ticket to the people in the shop, but a salmon rice bowl was delivered in 2 minutes and it was amazing. Certainly it is a fast food chain, but at this rate this speed is amazing.

As salmon rice bowl, we have about 10 salmon on top of rice. The thickness and size are slightly thinner and smaller than the sashimi that is sold at supermarkets.

However, since Ikura is a set, I get somewhat affordable impression.

Salmon is attached to "Pickled saga" made with white soy sauce and dashi, but it is OK even if wrapped with wasabi-soy sauce, as you like.

This time I decided to try a small amount.

Rice is sushi rice with sushi vinegar, the sweetness of salmon stands out. The rich texture advances with rice.

Ikura is a large amount to express as a bonus, and you can enjoy it together with salmon like "seafood and mother don bowl". As mentioned earlier, because there is no cooking process or the time it takes to provide is very short, and it is a bowl that you can eat quickly, so I'd like to put something on my stomach to some extent when I am busy, but not much time It is perfect if you do not want to put on.

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