I tried to eat salmon and how much 'parent and child' bowl, nako udon 'salmon soup bowl'

Speaking of rice in the eating out chains is famous for "Oyako-don" that puts the power to increase chicken by 25%, but " Salmon noodle-don " as a "seafood" parent bowl is served from Thursday, June 28, 2018 Appears for a limited time only. I tried to eat luxurious ocean dumplings with moist and greasy salmon and bamboo punchy texture.

Began today at 11 o'clock Seafood Oyako Don bowl 【Salmon noodle-rice】 Start selling | Notice | Rice bowl and Kyoto style Udon no Uki

Arrived in Naka.

There was not a poster etc. informing the appearance of "Salmon noodle bowl" in front of the shop, but found a display inside the shop. This time I will order 'salmon soup bowl' at 'ordinary' size.

A vivid "Salmon noodle bowl" (parallel size: 790 yen including tax) arrived in about 3 minutes after handing off the food ticket. Although it was a fast food shop, it was time to provide explosion. In addition, it is a store limited product that can not be taken out.

Wasabi comes accompanied with "Salmon noodles" as a set

Salmon noodle bowl with salmon decorated with white sesame seeds ......

How much is natural like jewelry.

And golden eggs and three leaves are put on.

Rice is spread under the ingredients such as salmon and how much. First of all, when you eat with salmon, Salmon has a somewhat salty salty taste and feels like a slightly scent like mirin. It is not rice cracker but ordinary rice, but a combination that is just right for salmon with salty taste. It is so soft that it melts with grease, it cooks with white sesame seasoned texture and a fragrant aroma, and the rice advances.

How much are covered in a bread roll, juice jam packed with plenty of umami pops out when chewing. Appetite is intrigued in a figure which is lying on white rice.

Golden eggs are soft sweetness, fluffy texture. Sweet golden eggs have brought variations to taste in salmon and many salty flavored ingredients.

When I chew up with salmon like a parent-child rice bowl, how much juice can be played with greasy salmon and bubble wrap, juicy with two kinds of umami coming.

It is possible to change the rhythm of the meal with wasabi, if you "taste salmon sauce bowl" to some extent.

With the wasabi's pungent and refreshing scent, I was able to stimulate the taste of "Salmon noodles".

"Salmon noodle don bowl" is scheduled to be delivered until the middle of August 2018, "normal" size is 790 yen including tax, "mini" size is 490 yen including tax. In addition, during the offer period of "salmon soup bowl", it is possible to order 150 yen cheaply and 790 yen including tax for "limited salmon soup bowl (Mini)" and "zaru - soba (with mountain wasabi)" .

In addition to the side menu, you can order cheaply, such as "Salad Set" "Tang Different Set" etc. are also prepared, so please check the links below for detailed content such as the set.

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