I have been eating 'three kinds of mushroom parent and child rice bowls' that mushrooms were completely suited for parent and child rice bowls

A limited bowl of chain stores "Naka ​​U", the limited-time menu " Three Mushrooms Oyako Don " has appeared from Thursday, October 18, 2018. I cooked three types of mushrooms, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, and eringi in the shop and went to eat what kind of "goods that elicited unique umami and flavor".

~ Fun texture and flavor of mushrooms is fun ~ Naka Uya "Three Mushrooms Mushroom Parents Rice Bowl" New Release! | Notice | Rice bowl and Kyoto style udon noodles

Arrived in Naka U

There was a climb of "Three kinds of mushroom mushrooms and don bowls" at storefront.

"Three kinds of mushroom's parent and child rice bowl" (590 yen including incense and tax) that was carried in just 2 minutes after buying a ticket and seated it

At first glance I do not know well how much is covered by the color of eggs ... ...

There are three kinds of mushrooms, such as mackerel, bunshimeji and eringi.

It is like this when sprinkling pepper garlic attached as attachment. In the parent and child rice bowl, "Nakadoku sauce" is used, it is unified with sweet flavor as a whole, and three kinds of mushrooms are melting in it without discomfort. Even in terms of texture, there are things that make you feel a bit cold, but it is not outstanding noticeably, but if you are told that "Naka-no Oyakodon is such stuff" it seems to accept. Although it means that it is in harmony, it may be good to appeal its presence, for example, by cutting thicker Ellingi.

In addition, "Three kinds of mushroom's parent and child rice bowl" is scheduled to be discontinued in early December.

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