I tried sushi with a thick salted beef with a sweet Sendai miso sauce and "Tororo" on "Trolly beef tan heavy"

We spread heavy beef bowls in weight and made special sauce miso using Sendai miso "Bovine weightAnd plus a roll of "Tonlover cattle weight"Has appeared on April 19th (Thursday), April 25th (Wednesday), 2018 in a week, limited to one week. I went to a shop and went to a shop that combined a Sendai miso sauce that has a thick umami with a thick cut beef tangerle.

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Arrived in Naka.

The difference between "cattle weight" and "tororo beef tender weight" is the presence or absence of the attached appendix, so we chose "Troll beef tan weight" this time. And, because it seems that rice is going to advance with sauce and beef using Sendai miso, I order a huge bowl. When I handed a ticket to a clerk, "Dororo beef tallow" (Dai Sheng: 1050 yen including tax) arrived in about 6 minutes. In addition, "average" is 990 yen including tax.

When opening the lid, 6 beef tamers wearing sweet smell of sauce appeared.

The size of the weight is like this when compared with iPhone 7 (long side 13.8 cm).

To beef tenda, Sendai miso, black mirin, ginger etc. are plentifully made with special sauce of ingredients, and onion and white sesame are being flushed from above.

Under the cow, white rice is laid, and it seems that it is annoying for accompanying cattle.

For Tororo beef, "Tororo" and "Taka (rice cake)" which is also attached to cattle weight are set.

From the cow baked in the shop, the sweet smell of the sauce and the fragrant flavor of beef will drift and the appetite will increase. When eating, the sauce is finished in sweet taste with black mirin and miso. Beef catch the meat juice tightly, and the umami overflows with the chewiness.

Beef with thick cuts has a crispy texture, and it has a clichy texture. As meat juice comes out as thick as meaty, it keeps chewing forever.

Because Miso is seasoned with thick eyes, rice goes with bovine. It was just right amount with large rice.

I tried to introduce molasses where I had tasted compatibility of miso with milk about half as much as beef.

It is easy to slip easily when you hang it, so it is recommended to cook rice like a cow bowl. The taste of rich flavored sauce melts in a thick brown syrup, and the flavor and presence of beef tend to stand out. Changes in taste and texture of cattle weight were added.

"Beef tender" is 890 yen including tax, "Tai Sheng" is 950 yen including tax. The amount of roasted beef served with "Yoronro" is 990 yen including tax, "Dae Sheng" is 1050 yen including tax. Both menus can already be ordered from inside the country nationwide from April 18 (Wednesday), 2018. In addition, since it is a one-week limited menu until Wednesday, April 25, 2018, it may be better to eat people who are interested in advance.

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