"Articon" which can automatically generate original icon just by entering characters

When entering a character string such as the article title, according to a certain algorithm, a service that can create images in which polka dots are randomly arranged is "Articon"is.

Articon - generate icons from article titles

To create an icon, simply access the above page and enter a character string in the input field OK.

When entering "GIGAZINE", the polka dot in the frame at the bottom of the entry field automatically changed the size, position and background color, and a stylish dotted icon was generated.

With katakana "gigazine", the blue color becomes thinner, the number of polka dots decreases and it becomes a simple icon.

It is like this when it is "Hagagana" of Hiragana. It is the impression that it is raining.

ArticonIs a service name that combines article (article) and icon (icon). So, after that, I will try to input the article title of GIGAZINE. "I ate a strawberry slice · whipped · sauce and Eggs'n Things 6th anniversary 'Stereoprene pancake' of strawberry makingIchigo-like red-based icon was created.

"Apple refused government request for "making backdoor that can avoid iPhone's encryption""Place large and small polka dots like striped patterns.

"Mysterious inspirational animation "Koizo Trap -", a mysterious inspirational animation that she goes through a devil course and survives with a superplay and boyfriendThe feeling that the polka dot pattern is falling from the top with vigor.

"Fragile manufacturers reveal from operational performance of approximately 56,000 hard disksIt looks like a tear-shaped combination of large and small polka dots.

"The Chinese government has evacuated about 9,000 people from their settlement for searching for aliensThe impression that the small polka dot pattern on the back side looks like a border pattern.

"Headline news on February 17, 2016"Daughter and large polka dots are arranged in the upper left.

"Why teenage people tend to take risks and tend to be moody and moody?"It seems that there are 3 to 4 small polka dots joined together.

"Hundreds of immune system genes are shut down when smoking an electronic cigarette"The polka dots obliquely going from the upper left to the lower right may look like a cigarette ... ... maybe.

"The sex robot soon reaches the reality, what is the task for realization?So, small to medium sized polka dots are arranged like a fan.

"13 types of occupations that are being driven out by robots as robotsThe number of polka dots is small.

""What is a gravitational wave?" "In about 3 minutes Movie" Gravitational Waves Explained "It is based on a deep purple color so I get a cosmic impression.

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