"Y Combinator" is planning a large-scale experiment of "basic income" that can live without working

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"The idea seems to be ridiculous as good ideas"Leave a wordventure capital"Y Combinator"Second generation presidentSam AltmanMr"Basic incomeI'd like to invest in my research "on the blog posting content. The basic income is a concept that "People can live more creative life by government giving money without charge". The Y combinator seems to be planning a large basic income experiment over five years.

Basic Income - Y Combinator Posthaven

Basic income means that the government periodically pays unconditionally the amount of cash required for the minimum living for all citizensConcept. He is a thinker in the 18th centuryThomas PainAlthough argued as being argued, discussion became active in the West in 1960 to 1970, and it is drawing attention as "There is a possibility to solve many problems of the present day".

For basic income, there are many criticisms such as "losing the significance of people working" and "the number of workers decreases and the economy of the nation suffers great damage", but "meaningless labor is reduced and people are productive We will be able to take action, "and in recent years large-scale experiments are also being conducted.

For example, about 1,000 households in Canada from 1974 to 1979 received money "Mincome"In the experiment of reducing working hours, men are 1%, married women 3%, unmarried women 5%, while workers spend more time at home and school age children It seems to have uploaded. It is also clear that the frequency of people going to hospitals has decreased and the number of mental health related complaints at health care facilities has decreased.

Because the change of regime Mincome was terminated on the way, the final conclusion of the experiment has not come out. Therefore, in order to conduct further investigations, in the Netherlands we began a large-scale experiment of providing money free of charge to those who received welfare protection from January 2016.

What does happen if the "basic income" concept realizes the minimum amount of money without working? Test in the real city - GIGAZINE

Also in Switzerland, a referendum will be held in the summer of 2016, "Whether the monthly fee of CHF 2500 (about 300,000 yen) should be provided to the people free of charge".

To make a referendum in Switzerland to decide whether to introduce income security system that can receive 300,000 yen a month without working - GIGAZINE

Although it is a basic income which is being experimented all over the world as described above, there is a difference in results if the background and the background of history differ. Mr Altman seems to have made this plan, saying "I want to know how the basic income system works in the United States."

Development of robots that Amazon can work on behalf of humansAs we are concentrating on, with the evolution of technology,Work developed in industrial societySeveral of them are gone, Altman sees this trend will continue in the future. In other words, although people are now in a state of "working for eating", the significance of working will change in the future. "People 50 years from now will be fun looking at us who were afraid of starving," Altman says.

"As a result of the fact that you no longer need to work, do people become time to spend time on online games all day or will they take creative action?" When people no longer need to be hungry, It is inevitable to experiment with a large scale basic income to solve the question "Is it satisfied by society to be satisfied?"

Mr Altman also said that "reducing the cost to live a good life is a step to get rid of worldly poverty", and even if it is not in the form of basic income, to achieve equality We believe that species security is essential.

ByMichael Raphan

The Y combinator is scheduled to carry out a project to apply basic income to some American citizens over the next five years and is looking for full-time researchers to participate in the project. In addition, the personnel who is requested is more emphasis on potential than experience, and until February 15You can apply from here.

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