The pioneering idea of ​​online shopping was born in 1950 before the birth of the Internet

In Japan we can also deliver goods within one hour from order "Prime NowAs it begins, shopping using Amazon and Rakuten Internet shops has penetrated many people's lives. Originally, the Internet, the foundation of Internet shopping, was born in the 1960s, but it seems that there was an idea similar to the current online shopping before that, but what kind of things it was supposed to be on the web blog ofMessy Nessy ChicIt is revealed.

Online Shopping in the 1950s | Messy Nessy Chic

In modern times, you can order anything from your favorite clothes, home appliances, food, etc. from the shopping site on the Internet even if you sit on the sofa. However, a structure very similar to this Internet shopping was already born in 1950 years ago more than 65 years ago.

It is in Ontario more than half a century agoPembrokeThere was a man named Lawrence Fleyman, a local business entrepreneur. He opened Penn Brook, a very rare department store "Vis-O-Matic" that people in the towns are talking about.

The appearance was just like the others in this shop, but the manner of shopping was very different from the others. This is the space to use for shopping.

In Vis-O-Matic, the customer sits on the seat and checks the products displayed on the color projector in front of him.

The operation is carried out using the following simple device at hand. Switching the slide by pushing the button labeled "ADVANCE" "REVERSE", it seems that the product will be displayed larger on the slide as you pull the one like the largest button. In addition, it seems that it was possible to talk about merchandise with the store clerk by pushing the small button at the top.

The inside of the strange Department Store Vis-O-Matic store is as follows. Although it is a very narrow store in department store, there are multiple screens on the wall, and it seems that many items were projected on this screen. When you look at the picture at the time, you can see that the people in the store are nailed to the screen installed on the wall.

The only thing to do inside the shop is "press the button".

There was an ashtray on the armrest part of the seat, it seems that you could see the goods as if you were relaxing at home.

When you order items at a store, the items will be delivered directly to your home at a later date.

It is a feeling exactly like the current net shopping that goods are delivered to home by courier.

From the present day when Internet shopping got popular, "Vis-O-Matic" seems to be a very advanced idea, but it is a place to wonder how the evaluation at that time was. A clip of the newspaper of the time reported on Vis-O-Matic is described as "The only obstacle that prevents this idea from spreading is that there is a shortage of dedicated machines", and the splendor of the idea is While acknowledging, I was mourned that society had no enough physical strength to spread it.

In this way, Vis-O-Matic who had an idea like a pioneer of online shopping, eventually disappears in person. There seems to be little information on Vis - O - Matic remaining on the Internet,There were still pictures that were published in the magazine LIFEpattern.

A projector used in Vis-O-Matic

Something like a bunch of large cards on the left is a product list, right is a product picture

Does that mean that the operation was done manually ...? Details are unknown due to lack of information

Stock photo of product photos

It seems that the audience ranged widely from families to elderly people.

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