The basic income that gets the minimum amount of money without working will be "fail in the US" and the president of venture capital talks

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Venture capital with a strong interest in basic income ·Y CombinatorHe is the second president ofSam Altman"Reason why basic income fails in America" ​​is talked about.

Sam Altman explains how basic income could fail in America - Business Insider

Basic income is that the government regularly and unconditionally pays "people's funds necessary for minimum living" to citizens. Currently at the stage of the concept, research and experiments on its usefulness are advanced by countries and organizations all over the world. By giving the minimum amount of funds to live, you can see from the following article about the details of basic income, which is thought to reduce "meaningless labor" without becoming troubled by eating.

What does happen if the "basic income" concept realizes the minimum amount of money without working? Test in the real city - GIGAZINE

Various organizations are interested in such basic income, and in SwitzerlandReferendum to decide the introduction of basic income system, The venture capital Y combinator will be implemented in early 2016Plan a large scale experiment on basic incomeWe announced what we are doing.

The Y combinator plans a demonstration experiment of basic income paying 2000 dollars (about 230,000 yen) every month for about 100 households in Oakland, California, USA in early 2017. The goal of the Y combinator is to unravel "if funds are available regularly for free as in basic income, they will help people get out of poverty and lead a healthy life" , We will gather data required for that through demonstration experiments. Experiments are already being conducted in developing countries such as Kenya and Honduras, and the data gathered through them show that there is a result that "Basic income will benefit people".

However, since the conditions are too different between the United States and developing countries, the impact of the introduction of basic income in the US is still unknown. People who are skeptical about basic incomes have kindly commented that "Americans have instincts bred for work and it is difficult to overwrite their instincts even at basic income" Although it is said that Mr. Altman of Y combinator also has some doubts on basic income. Altman says, "If we are going to automate work by machines, we believe we can get enough funds (to implement basic income) and will work." In other words, we believe that basic incomes will function if human's workplace disappears due to the development of robots and artificial intelligence.

This idea is the same as Ellon Mask who is the founder of Tesla and SpaceX in general. Mr. Mr. said Mr. Mr. "I think that the possibility of finally going to settle on basic income by the government and similar things is very high as automation progresses, I can not think of any other way to go. "I tell you.

"In the future robots will deprive people of their work, the government will pay basic income," Eulon Mask said - GIGAZINE

Mr. Altman predicts that the majority of Americans will be completely satisfied with spending without doing anything while wearing a VR headset at home, just after the first basic income was paid It is. In addition, Mr. Altman wonders in the future that better stimulation and moderate physical exercise are necessary, commuting and talking with colleagues is necessary. Furthermore, Mr. Altman says, "Human beings will build community and relationships through work, and I think that work also helps us strengthen our unity as a country" I will.

In addition, many people will be able to get more satisfying profession regardless of salary. In other words, it is considered possible to create a society where people can focus more on their own hobbies if basic income is realized. And if that happens, there is plenty of potential for future visitors who like VR to continue enjoying VRs while satisfying their desires.

For those who find their own value by doing work, the system that eliminates the necessity of work like basic income may only be subject to annoyance. On the other hand, it is opening up from bondage for those working for daily living, and basic income may seem inherently American-like institution over existing labor structure. For the general public, it may be that a future that will be attached to "the most important work for me" rather than "the work with the best payment" will come, but if such a future has not yet arrived yet, It remains unclear whether the influence comes out. Therefore, Mr Altman says he will continue small experiments until clear data is available.

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