"In the future robots will deprive people of their work, the government will pay basic income," Eolon Mask said


As robot technology and artificial intelligence (AI) continue to evolve further, it is now considered that the era of robot replacement of work that human beings are going to be going forward, and Nomura Research InstituteCreate a summary list of occupations 100 that are likely to be substituted for artificial intelligence and robots 100 & occupation 100 that will not be substitutedPeople's attention is gathered, for example. When such a time comes,TeslaYaSpaceXMr. Eulon Mask, the founder of the company, talks about the prospect that "basic income by the government will be realized."

Elon Musk: Robots will take your jobs, government will will to pay your wage

In an interview with the US / CNBC, Mr. Mask said, "I think that the possibility of eventually settingtling on the basic income and similar things by the government is extremely high as the automation progresses. I can not think of it, it will surely happen. " In addition, Mr. Mask said, "With this, people will get time to do other things, more complicated things and interests, of course, leisure time will increase," he says, Suggesting a future where people will not be tied to work.

The system that the government provides a certain amount necessary for people's lives is called "basic income", and the concept itself is not so new, but debate is occasionally taking place mainly in European countries. In June 2016, a national referendum was held in Switzerland on the system to provide basic people with a basic income of 300,000 yen per month, but it has been rejected because the opponents reached 76.9%.

A referendum to decide the introduction of a basic income system that can receive about 300,000 yen a month without starting work starts, what is the result? - GIGAZINE

In Switzerland it is a trial of a basic income rejected, but in Finland experiments that pay 60,000 yen a month are being implemented.

Large scale social experiment of 'basic income' which can get 60,000 yen a month without working · Implementation - GIGAZINE

Mr. Mr.'s remarks suggest that these ideas and advances in robot and AI technology are related to each other. One of the things that can be said to be particularly attracting is the appearance of an automatic driving car equipped with AI. With the arrival of the time when AI is responsible for the transport of humans and goods, it is said that many taxi and truck drivers lose their jobs. If many of the trucks are going to be automated, many of the drivers are no longer needed, and several operators monitor the operation of unmanned trucks and change to a mechanism whereby human beings cope only when a problem occurs It is thought. Mr. Mask says about this work "Perhaps it will be more interesting than simply driving a truck."

Uber succeeded in transporting for the first automatic driving truck, and the baggage that he carried was 45,000 cans of Budweiser - GIGAZINE

What is worrisome is government revenue to realize the basic income system, but this is not mentioned. In the interview, Mr. Mask said, "In the end, we need to improve methods to coexist with" digital intelligence ", a period where coexistence with robot / AI technology can not be avoided I am talking about coming. Finally, as the future world in which a computer acquires the same or greater intelligence than a human being is arriving, it may be inevitable that human beings must also acquire the corresponding way of thinking .

The contents that Mr. Mask told CNBC 's interview can be confirmed from the following movie.


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