What was the motivation for stress and work in Finland who gave a cumulative income of 70,000 yen a month to 2000 people as a basic income?

A large-scale experiment of "basic income" of paying 560 euros (approximately 70,000 yen) every month for unemployed people is done in Finland. Interviews at the stage after the beginning of six months have revealed that there is an amazing change in the participants' stress and job motivation motivation.

Finnish citizens given universal basic income report lower stress levels and greater incentive to work | The Independent

A large-scale experiment of basic income, which started in January 2017 in Finland, is aimed at 2000 persons who are not regular jobs, paying 560 euros (about 70,000 yen) every month unconditionally. The biggest difference from traditional unemployment compensation is that even if you decide to find a job during the experiment period you can receive money as "incentive". Of course, there are no conditions concerning receipt like unemployment compensation, and participants are OK even if they do not have to find a job in the first place, unless there is no duty to report the situation of job hunting activities. There is a feature of being unconditional that freedom to use money for anything is free.

The history of the introduction of a large-scale trial of Basic Income in Finland, etc. can be confirmed in the following article on institutional design.

A basic income test that will not be cut even when you get a job starts in Finland for unemployed people - GIGAZINE

There were pros and cons before the introduction of this large-scale experiment in Finland. There is a positive opinion that other creative activities are encouraged, which leads to employment by guaranteeing a stable position by basic income, while on the other hand about 1 million of Finland's population is one fifth of Finland's population Finnish trade union central organizations (SAK) is, be carried out by "while pushing up the wages of undesirable jobs by basic income, people can impair the job satisfaction," "the entire nation of scale more than anything, about 5% of the cost of GDP It is necessary to increase the budget deficit, "he expressed his opposition.

In the strong opposition opinion, Finland who took the test at all was done, but after about six months from the start of the experiment, interviews with people participating in the experiment were conducted.

Juha Jarvinen, who is unemployed in Yuruba in the western part of Finland, said, "Unlike the standard unemployment benefits, unlike when we receive basic unemployment benefits, we are actively working on finding jobs now." He said that his willingness to find employment is increasing. Mr. Jarvinen seems to have received some employment proposals as part-time during job hunting, but he said that he declined because he was disadvantaged in terms of social security. Thanks to the basic income system, I answer that I can find a more stable job.

In addition, in the case of those who wish to start a business, the stress is reduced because "ridiculous shows" corresponding to periodic interviews with the employees who are going to find employment, preparation of reports, etc. will be unnecessary without a willingness to find employment We are also reporting that it is. "Entrepreneurs who wish to start a business have answered," In order to start a business, it is necessary to be more behavioral than expected and there is no time to stop. "

It is too early to conclude that the basic income system works because the experiment has not yet begun, but from a positive opinion at least some participants are showing the expected effect It seems.

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