`` Basic income makes people happy '' proved by experiments over 2 years

In a basic income introduction experiment conducted in Finland from 2017 to 2018, the result of `` improved mental well-being, self-confidence, life satisfaction of basic income recipients '' was reported by a research team at the University of Helsinki I will.

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Finnish basic income pilot improved wellbeing, study finds | Society | The Guardian

In this experiment, 2000 unemployed people aged 25-58 years living in Finland will receive 560 euros a month (about 69,000 yen at that rate) as a basic income. It was carried out from the 1st of the month.

Basic income test that can not be cut even if you get a job starts in Finland for unemployed people-GIGAZINE

However, as a result of continuing the experiment for about a year or more, 'I can not determine the actual effect of introducing the basic income, such as promoting training for employment and career advancement,' a study by the Finnish Social Insurance Agency (KELA) Judge. In addition, the Finnish government had begun to introduce a new system different from the basic income, so the basic income experiment was stopped in December 2018.

Finnish `` basic income experiment '' interrupted in December 2018-GIGAZINE

`` Although there were some differences in experience, the basic income recipients were mostly in their own lives, '' said a research team at the University of Helsinki, who completed a basic income experiment that lasted for about two years and conducted a detailed interview with the recipients. , And did not experience more mental stress, depression, sadness, or loneliness than the control group. ”

In addition, the beneficiary responded to the interview that they were able to return to their pre-unemployment lives and that they were able to refuse unstable work at low wages. 'The basic income recipients tended to score better on measures of well-being, such as independence, financial security, and confidence in the future,' the research team reports.

In addition, although there was no prospect that the basic income would solve the unemployment problem, some of the beneficiaries referred to as “work” and supported their families and neighbors, and participated in social activities free of charge. I understood that I was there.

'The income earned by the basic income gave some recipients the chance to try their dreams and live,' said Helena Bromberg Kroll, who led the research team. 'Basic income cannot solve all the problems of our health and society, but it could certainly be one of the solutions in an economically difficult time,' he argued.

In a domestic survey on basic income, 46% of the respondents said they agreed with the idea that 'the basic income should be introduced in Finland'.

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