What do residents of Ontario who introduced "basic income" that gets the minimum necessary money for living without working?

bySharon McCutcheon

The social security system that the government regularly provides the minimum amount of funds necessary for daily living for the people is "Basic income"is. in the pastLarge Scale Examination of Basic Income in FinlandAs a result, participants' motivation for stress and job searchAmazing changesIt was clear that it was happening. It is said that the land on which the basic income test is being introduced is currently in progress in not only Finland but also Ontario state of Canada, and it is said that surprising results will be seen here as well.

Inside Ontario's Big, Bold Basic Income Experiment

Alana Barzer, who is participating in the test introduction program for Basic Income in Ontario, recently said he bought a new coat for winter. And recently I was eating healthy things such as vegetables and fruits instead of junk food. In addition, I am confident that the symptoms of depression are less due to the basic income, because I no longer have to worry about my money about my money. Mr. Baltzer is currently looking for work while attending college.

Asked about Mr. Baltzer's days after obtaining basic income, "I grew up in a poor family, but I have not thought much about escaping from there, but basic income gives me opportunities I gave it and I do not think I would like to waste this ".

In Hamilton, Ontario, where Baltzer lives, about 4,000 residents are paid a fixed amount each month. Since Baltzar is 28 years old and has a disability in the body, he seems to have received 722 Canadian dollars (about 60,000 yen) monthly as an allowance for people with disabilities until now, the examination of basic income started From 1915 Canadian dollars (about 160,000 yen) are paid monthly. About this, Baltzer says "Life has changed completely".

bySharon McCutcheon

The basic income test introduction program is currently undertaken in three areas, Hamilton, Thunder Bay, Lindsay, Ontario, Canada. An unemployed unmarried recipient like Baltzer will receive C $ 19,689 per year (about 1.4 million yen), and in the case of a couple they can receive 20, 4027 Canadian dollars (about 2 million yen) per year . If you are in work, if you earn more than 200 Canadian dollars (about 17,000 yen) monthly, the amount paid will be reduced by 50%. It is said that this payment amount is exactly half of the median annual income in Canada.

You can see that when you talk to another subject who participated in the basic income test introduction program that is taking place in Ontario, the program has produced good results. Participants not only acquired more money than before, but also can shorten the time required for procedures to receive the social assistance system than before.

Dave Cherkkevsky, one of the subjects, said, "Hamilton is a generous community, but you need to spend a lot of time to live an average standard of living, but thanks to the basic income personal freedom I got time to get it and I have time to think about giving back to the community. " Cher Kekhvsky raises what I'm getting better by not being in the waiting queue of a food bank that supplies food for the poor, for example.

Chel Kekevsky said that he had worked at a local telecommunications company for 12 years until 2002. However, I have a mental disorder since my teenager and received 1078 CAD daily (about 90,000 yen) as an allowance monthly. In addition to this, it is now possible to receive 750 Canadian dollars (about 63,000 yen) monthly as a basic income, so Cherkovsky is able to earn $ 23,000 per year (about 2.5 million yen) per year. With this money, Mr. Cherkovsky is learning about psychology, he says he is dreaming of developing mental health related projects in the future. In addition, Mr. Cherkkevski said that he wants to work to help those who suffer from their daily lives like theirs.

According to Mr. Chelkevsky and Mr. Baltzer, it is very easy to participate in the basic income test introduction program, fill out the basic information such as income, fill in the survey questionnaire which takes about 45 minutes, enter the bank account information Just fill out the form and sign the agreement of the program and submit it. This seems to be easier and clearer than other social assistance systems.

byBen Rosett

The basic income test introduction program will receive a total of C $ 50 million (approx. 4.2 billion yen). Through the exam, the researchers follow up the subjects and examine how the basic income will affect. In addition, it seems that examination will also investigate whether there is a different influence for each of the three regions. Kwami · McKenzie, one of the researchers participating in the project, said, "Does basic income increase the ability to work with orbital life? Reduce the frequency of insurance service use by improving health? To improve mental health I will examine it by linking it with other data of the subject ". In addition, it seems that it is necessary to investigate how much it costs for managing the program at the time of introduction of the test.

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