Can payment of benefits have a positive influence on those suffering from poverty?

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In Japan it is necessary to provide protection expenses to guarantee a minimum healthy and cultural life for citizens with economic hardships by the country and local governmentsWelfare"There is a system called. In the United States is equivalent to Japan's life protection "TANF"There is a system called the system that receives employment is a requirement for receiving. Then, when you live by receiving a protection fee other than salary from the government, what kind of impact will be given to the beneficiaries and their families, a survey was conducted in a certain area of ​​the United States, and the results are published I will.

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In 1996, the eastern part living near the Great Smoky Mountains North CarolinaCherokeeAmerican indigenous people called the Indians opened a casino, and part of the casino's benefit was distributed equally among the Eastern Cherokee Indians of about 8000 people.Duke University Medical SchoolEpidemiologist Dr. Jane Costello investigated the course since the casino opened and conducted a survey on what impacts on the body and mind when people suffering from poverty get money other than salary .

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About five years after the start of the survey, the amount of money the casino had distributed to the East Cherokee Indians exceeded $ 6000 per year (about 620,000 yen) per year in 2001. Many Indians were able to get out of poverty by distribution money. The number of problems caused by children in the eastern Cherokee Indians is reduced by about 40% compared to before the casino opening, and it decreased numerically to almost the same value as in non-poverty areas. The results of the survey showed that casino distributions had a positive effect on children suffering from poverty.

Dr. Costello, who saw the money as being unlikely to improve the psychological and physical problems of people suffering from poverty at the beginning of the survey, seems to have been shocked by the findings. Dr. Costello said, "Even if we provide capital assistance to the poverty problem, no significant effect is expected, but the eastern Cherokee Indians have a noticeably big effect." .

Dr. Costello further continued the investigation and found that the number of crimes committed by young people in eastern Cherokee Indians decreased and that the graduation rate of upper secondary schools had risen. In 2006, the number of distributions distributed from casinos rose to 9000 dollars per person per year (about 930,000 yen), Dr. Costello completed the investigation of Phase 1, the younger the age received the distribution money We will start investigating the next stage of whether mental health has had a good effect.

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Dr. Costello began investigating from children aged 9, 11 and 13 and started advancing to young people ages 19 and 21, the younger the younger they started to receive distribution, the more positive the mental health It proved to be affecting. The number of occurrences of drug abuse and psychiatric problems of the children of the eastern Cherokee Indians who had received young distributions has been reduced to about one third of that of white children living in the surrounding area .

However, the number of children who started distributing money at the age of 14 to 16 at a relatively late age did not change particularly compared with the white children in the surrounding area. Children who were late to receive distribution as age thought that it was thought that "they were badly affected by distribution fee due to growing in poverty". In addition, negative facts are also emerging, such as the weight of children who grew up in the poorest family environment increased, and the number of traffic accidents increased in eastern Cherokee Indians.

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Dr. Costello said, "Eastern Cherokee Indians' parents were able to act as good parents, such as being born with distribution money, being able to devote themselves to their work, finishing payment of utility bills first, purchasing clothes for children I think that the influence has appeared in education for children, "he explains about why the distribution was able to correct the life of children suffering from poverty.

Another study conducted at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill shows some facts on the negative impact of poverty on child rearing. "The Family Life ProjectIn the research project named "The survey was conducted for about 1,300 children who were brought up in the poor family environment since birth. When the research team quantified the mother's educational law · income · regional safety, etc., it turned out that the vocabulary ability, memory ability and execution ability until 3 years old is inversely proportional to the stress of the parents' children. Despite a small number of children, while having poverty, some children provided vocabulary skills, memory ability, and execution abilities beyond the standard level, but many children are more vocabulary, memory, I understood that execution power was low.

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According to Dr. Costello's research, "Distributing benefits to families under poverty has a positive effect on children's growth", and from the research at North Carolina University "The poverty-stricken family environment adversely affects the growth of children It proved to give ".

Dr. Costello's research on eastern Cherokee Indians has gained distributions from the interests of their own casino · Distribution money is insufficient to live by itself, such as poverty And those who receive welfare protection from the government for reasons of illness, there may be slightly different factors and it may be difficult to compare on a coaxial basis. However, the Eastern Cherokee Indian example is a good example of giving a small subsidy to a family suffering from poverty has had a positive influence not only on children, but also on the family and its surrounding communities.

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