Ten actions performed by people who demonstrate creative

ByChris Halderman

For those who do creative work such as founder of companies, designers, writers, artists, etc., behaviors that surprisingly "eh?" Are often useful in many cases.99UHas interviewed people who demonstrate creativity in various fields and summarizes the ten actions that 10 people are doing to be creative.

10 Creative Rituals You Should Steal - 99U

◆ 01: Take 4 vacations a year

ByYiping Lim

FeldThoughtsThe biggest action that Brad Feld's founder ever took is to take a week's vacation every three months. Feld heads to the airport on Saturday and leaves his smartphone to his wife Amy and completely spends his time away from the computer and after a week I will receive my smartphone again when I get home. I rarely take a vacation at home, mostly visiting places where I can relax, enjoying a 100% holiday with sunlight 1 reading Japan, walking with Amy and enjoying adult play, I sleep every day at night. That's why I can refresh the next week when I get back to work.

◆ 02: Looking back on my days

ByGlenn Bruynooghe

The IT team who won the President Obama's re-electionCTOIsHarper ReedHe says the importance of looking back on my days.

Every time the IT team led by Reed made a meeting to look back on the work, "What is it like when you started, what was the right thing out of our actions, what was wrong?" Since Reed also had feedback on everyone if it was a startup, the meeting was surprisingly beneficial as it was immediately clear what was wrong and what was right. It is very important to know how the project is making a difference and discuss it immediately. Also, technology-related people tend to forget, but we have emotions, it is important to discuss about it. When I entered the meeting room and said, "Today is the release date, what kind of feeling do you all feel?" "Although I did not like this project for the first time, I managed to struggle somehow and now I am very excited," the team members I will talk about it. Discuss the true feelings.

◆ 03: Write something every day

ByWalt Stoneburner

Writer'sCheryl StrayedHe suggests writing things to discover himself. Mr. Strayed writes things as an artist, of course, but also when writing something or making big decisions when writing something else. For the general public as well, for example, even a person who has not written sentences for two years, even after experiencing parting with someone, a person writes things in a serious situation. This is a way of practicing what writing thinks is, because you can see what is in your mind. Writing will make nature and the inside of the head clearer.

◆ 04: Invest in people I am interested in

ByFotostalker (MFer)

He is a writer and an entrepreneurBen CasnochaHe isInvest in people who are interestedI am trying to do. This is a pre-commitment strategy that pays penalties if we can not achieve our goal. The way to do it is simple, spending time and money on interesting people and broadening the network will increase the chances that you can achieve your goals. Even though you know that your network is important, it is a big bet to devote an hour to a new network of people on a day or to go out with interesting people and eat 40 dollars (about 4000 yen) lunch. However, investing in interesting people should actually make investments to broaden their connections as they actually provide financial gain and help to achieve the goal.

If you do not have long eyes, this will look like a mistake. However, it takes time to nurture many relationships such as romantic relations, fraternity relations, professional relationships. Trying to establish a relationship in a short time makes it inevitable the potential possibility of building a long-term relationship.

◆ 05: Collect clippings for stimulation

ByHeather Durdil

This is a designerSarah Foelske'S technique. It is important for people who are always chased by projects to get out of their computers and work, even if they are ten minutes, ideas are easier to come out when you rest your brain. In order to be creative, it is important that you focus yourself on yourself, so that exercises and meditation are also beneficial.

In addition, Mr. Foelske says that she cut out and preserved things that inspired himself, such as magazines, invitations, beautiful wrapping paper. The clipping is not categorized, it seems that it is making it possible to draw out ideas by gathering only visual objects like scrapbooks.

◆ 06: I take a nap every day.

ByMiguelángel Guédez

Be a moderator of a television programPat KiernanThinks to take a nap everyday because he can not have a sleep that is gathered up at night. Mr. Kiernan imposes on himself quite strictly taking a nap and if it is tempted to go out somewhere it will not be stopped, even if there is something to do it will be interrupted, and if I take a rest for work Thing.

◆ 07: I will envision something you memorize

ByFreddie Alequin

RaphaFounder of Simon Mottram onceThe Financial TimesYaWall Street JournalI was writing a lie about the future of the company. He wrote it as if he had been doing what he had not done yet seven to eight months after Rapha was made. In these articles, it is written that 25,000 Rapha guests gathered at the cafe, bicycled together, and they are members of the club, and some products and Rapha published I also touched on the magazines I did. Five years later, the form of business described in these articles was almost realized. A lie article helped to realize.

◆ 08: Thinking about a bar


Designer'sJames VictoreHe will do the necessary tasks at the bar and do practical work at the studio. When it's time to make a book, he leaves the studio in the morning, sits on the chair in the park and makes thoughts, and if you come up with an idea I will spend about one and a half hours like drawing it in a big sketchbook. After returning to the studio and working until around 16 or 17 o'clock, we will rewind to the bar again, drink a cup of beer and further clarify the idea and draw a new idea.

A wonderful idea is born because we can be free without thinking about work. The way to think is done externally and in the studio it is only the work of joining it, the way that Victore is unable to do all the work in the studio.

◆ 09: Walking around the building

ByNick Kenrick

Garrison Keillor, hosting the radio, thinks that people should not sit still and look at the blank page to get the idea. According to Keillor, it is important to walk around to create ideas, find clippings of articles, take notes, and write about things around you. For example, someone enters the room and finds a wonderful column. And if you think that the column once saved the bank, I will take a note with two things together. This is the start.

Everything starts with observation. Even if eventually I do not need the idea at the start, the starting point is still a conversation that I always heard or heard by chance. The world is full of various conversations, and as you enter a room with people it will make it even easier to get the idea seeds.

◆ 10: In the headbrainstormingI do

ByKarin and the camera

Film artist Ze Frank, an artist, uses 4 to 5 adjectives and features to summarize disjointed ideas into one, in the headbrainstormingto hold. For example,P & amp; GLet's think of developing a new toilet paper. Frank says, "What would happen if toilet paper was not available?" And "If the distance to the toilet paper is very far away?" "The most toilet paper I have ever used "What kind of shape would it be if there was a surprisingly large toilet paper?" "Who has never used toilet paper so far?" "Who are you constantly using?" "1 What would you do if you had a million roll toilet paper? "" What is the world without toilet paper? "

Frank performs brainstorming in his head until an interesting idea comes up, and when a new idea comes out, I will reproduce what kind of process the idea came out. This should be a thinking exercise that will broaden your limit.

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