I tried using open source blog posting software "Open Live Writer" compatible with WordPress etc.

Microsoft's blog editing and posting software "Windows Live Writer" has become open source, "Open Live Writer"It was renewed free once again. Since it corresponds to various forms such as WordPress · Blogger · Movable Type · TypePad, it is possible to do the flow from editing HTML to posting articles with just this software, so I actually tried using it.

Open Live Writer

First, download the installer from official website. If you mouse over the "DOWNLOAD" button you will see "click to begin" "4.6 MB. Exe" but do not mind clicking.

Launch the downloaded installer.

Click "Run"

Next, blogging settings will start. Click "Next".

Choose your blog service from "WordPress" "SharePoint" "Other services" and click "Next". For Blogger, TypePad, etc., select "Other services".

Then enter such a screen, enter "blog URL" "user name" "password" Click "Next". The URL of the blog is not the login URL but the URL used for browsing.

Retrieving information for editing and posting based on input information.

If Open Live Writer can not determine which blog, you will choose yourself from the pull-down menu.

I tried Blogger that it is compatible this time, but failed automatic judgment for some reason ...

I got an error saying "The user name or password is incorrect." I confirmed the user name and password many times, but I never passed and I did not know what was wrong ... ....

So by selecting WordPress again, I was able to go ahead. Select "Yes" because you will be asked if you want to get a blog theme by posting a dummy article. Because it is a dummy, it is not made public.

When I logged in to WordPress on PC and looked at the list of postings, this article was in the trash can. Since it will not be deleted automatically, you can delete it manually.

Return to Open Live Write setup. It is already the final stage of setup, if you check the blog name at the end ... ...

Setting complete. This is the basic screen to write blog posts, edit and post. The editing menus are gathered at the top of the screen like Office.

You can probably think that the contents are the same as WordPress's visual editor. You can do bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, background color change, font color change etc for each appearance.

Choose whether to insert images in the PC or specify the URL.

In the case of video, in addition to "from PC" "from URL", there is an option "from web service".

If you select this, you can log in to YouTube and add a movie in the article ...... It seems to be, but when you try it, you get an error and can not login. After checking it, we received a notification from Google saying "Blocking attempts from applications that do not meet the latest security standards" to block it ...

The image could be inserted without problems. You can do image editing and link destination editing from here.

Switching tabs at the bottom of the screen changes the way you see it. "Preview" will change to the appearance on the actual blog, but it does not change appearance when switching with the visual editor. It may change significantly if it is a person who is changing extreme WordPress themes.

And "Source" to source display. This is the same feeling as seen on WordPress.

When the article is completed, it will be posted by clicking the blog name written next to "Publish" in the menu at the top of the screen. Also, if you click "Post draft to blog" under the blog name, it will be posted as a draft. Categories, tags, posting times can also be specified.

Actually clicking "Post draft to blog", such a screen is displayed ......

An article draft has been posted.

Looking at WordPress's editing screen looks like this.

This is a visual editor. Basically it is a form inheriting "Windows Live Write 2012" almost.

Currently, Open Live Writer is "Version 0.0 Build 5.0". Tumblr and Squarespace support for unsupported formats, folder settings for drafts and postings, etc. toward Version 1.0Various problems / tasksWe are planning to solve the problem.

OpenLiveWriter / OpenLiveWriter · GitHub

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